Managing Director

Press release by: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, Dr. Fabian de Soet, Ian de Sot IBS intelligent business service solutions GmbH now also in Bangkok. To broaden your perception, visit Brian Robert . With a partner, customers now are served also in Bangkok. The business center Bangkok will be expanded as the hub for the Asian market. Thus, the Managing Director, Rieta de Soet, responded once more on the demands of the market and the wishes of long-time customers of IBS.

International Director Dr. Fabian de Soet is responsible for the new Asia commitment of IBS. Headquartered in the Switzerland offers also in Bangkok to fair conditions of incorporation, domiciliation, corporate support and consulting. “In the economic metropolis of Bangkok, the gateway to the Asian market, we will use enormous creativity and professionalism in implementing the business goals of our customers”, so Rieta de Soet. The staff speak English, German and Thai by IBS in Bangkok. IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Ms. Rieta de Sot Baarerstrasse 94 6300 Zug 0041 41 560 36 00 0041 41 560 36 01 Web: E-Mail: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH is a team of business managers, accountants, marketing and management consultants, which has over 20 years of experience in the areas of business center, business and management consulting.


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