Master Doing

Personal improvement implies changes, both in our thoughts as in our actions. Only by changing our mental state, when this is limited or affected by inhibitions related to their beliefs, prejudices, customs and rules, will see results that reflect our personal growth. (4) But, how easy that change conducive to overcoming that aspire and which discussed in this article? Focusing on the fulfillment of objectives and targets and making them an obligation. These actions will be constituted by those that are not part of our routines, work, or recurrent customs. The foregoing terms, or not we have been educated to them, or having been, we have ignored them in time, ignoring its importance and benefit in our overcoming. Also, we can facilitate the shift toward our improvement, with an inverse to the previous function, i.e. not doing or not doing, some practices we have been carrying out daily in our life.

Among the things that we can begin to make of immediately, as part of the change, could be cited: 1.-the reading of major works, both of general knowledge as related to overcoming. 2. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Robert A. Iger . The voluntary savings 3.-daily exercise 4.-training in our field, is trade, job or profession 5.-arrive on time to our work every day. And it is left to the imagination and experience of the reader, the rest of the list that can be made in the achievement of this purpose. And, on the other hand, among the things that we should stop doing, as part of the change heading for our personal growth, could mention: 1.-do not acquire new works for reading, until they have not concluded with which you’re reading.

2. Do not start a course or a seminar until they have not finished with which we are conducting. It is what we call, focusing on the objective. In those people who we are dedicated, for example, to electronic commerce, it is very common to acquire new material over and over again, without having finished studying what we acquired before. 3. Do not use the credit for the acquisition of products that do not constitute a need. And, as in the case of the things that lead to change, we can do, is left to the imagination and the reader’s experience, what more should cease to do, for the achievement of their personal growth. Which I am showing you here are just some ideas to get you started with this process, heading to the self-improvement and, I have no doubt that the reader can determine what other things to do or stop doing to achieve the change that allows you to overcome as it should. I recommend, that Yes, that makes in writing, a list of those things, so you can monitor their achievements. In addition, you must begin by those areas or areas of your life where you unfolds and wants to improve. Later, you can begin your workout, in new areas. Remember: The improvement staff, is a continuous process, and, inevitably, involves changes in his life.

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