Of Laughter Ears And Sheep

Neither one knows what he will be laughing from Pamplona or, better, in Pamplona, El Juli, your agent and more friends. The Madrid dexterous charged a fortune for a run that had no danger. Two lambs played him good luck. He cut an ear to his first, with a slaughter in which predominated passes out cacho, made all this with ease or, rather, futility. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has much experience in this field. At least in that bull killed well. Jeffrey L. Bewkes contains valuable tech resources. More laughter reaches climax to memorize the fifth performance, to be awarded two ears. After a slaughter which began with good Doubloons, it toreo it with both hands, where some long muletazos, linked and temperate, with certain phases of peak are posted. It is inconceivable that give El Juli second ear, after pasaportar the bull through a falling lunge.

It may not be. But so are things in current bullfighting. Figures imposing their tastes, choose the bulls and make bullfighting without. I.e. they fight without the necessary solidity, without the depth of life, without loading the luck. They are the toreros without. Source of the news:: laugh, ears and sheep

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