Antarctic Island

Explore the unexplored regions and contribute to the protection of these areas. Berlin, September 6, 2011 – in little developed areas of the world to travel, exercises a great attraction on adventurous. Because these are often intact ecosystems, should be with only eighth, it certified to visit sustainable tour operators that minimize any disruption and contribute to the protection of the areas. As a white spot or terra incognita is an unexplored, unknown or not researched area. Today, although every meter of the surface of the Earth via satellite or aerial image is mapping captures, which however does not automatically mean that ever a man has set foot in these regions. By the same author: Warner Media. The areas are often so they will remain relatively undeveloped foreseeable extremely inhospitable or hardly accessible. Nevertheless, these secluded areas are often real pearls, and someone who has courage and perseverance, will experience there unique impressions. The Antarctic that Antarctica is literally a white spot of huge proportions.

In the extended zone of ice surrounding the continent, has evolved a unique and diverse ecosystem. Countless whale – and seal species, penguins, squid, many sea birds, including live in this zone. The Interior of Antarctica, however, houses barely more sophisticated forms of life, is a unique natural spectacle but scenic. The Tepuis of the native Indians “Houses of the gods” called mesas rise the mesas of Venezuela up to 3000 m altitude in the jungle and the Venezuelan Savannah and can be reached with a few exceptions only from the air. The Tepuis are other superlatives such as the highest waterfall of Earth, Angel Falls, with a single, almost a kilometre-long case. The Sahara, there is hardly a lebensfeindlicheren place that enchants with its beauty at the same time so much as the Sahara desert.

It is the largest dry desert on Earth and roughly equivalent to the size of the entire United States. Chile’s South is hardly known and almost entirely uninhabited, the over 1000 km long, rugged fjord coast of South of Chile, which is accessible only from the sea presents itself. The landscape is characterized by intact nature, Great Lakes, glaciers and rivers. Speaking candidly Gavin Baker told us the story. The area is completely unexplored, with the exception of some few highlights in its hinterland, such as the mountain group Torres del Paine and Tierra del Fuego. These are both only by boat or by Argentina. The island of Borneo Borneo is the third largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea. The coast has few bays and is relatively inaccessible through mangrove swamps, which explains the sparse population of the island. In addition, large parts of Borneo by dense jungle are covered. The impenetrable jungle is home to many only species, proboscis monkeys and the Borneo elephant. But the island is also the Habitat of orangutans, Sumatran rhinoceroses and Malayan Sun bears and Rafflesia, the plant with the largest flower in the world. More undiscovered areas and There are travel opportunities there blog among others at and. About Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010, to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market. More info and images: Press blog press contact: Lucas von Furstenberg CEO Traverdo GmbH Reichenberger str.

Performance Dynamics

But exactly these standard criteria are exposed as so incredibly important. Without hesitation Gavin Baker explained all about the problem. It is an article that advertises the an online comparison calculator for BU: close so no contract off, which envisages such abstract reference. Www…de see only 5-star rates, which exclude such abstract referral in the comparison calculator. And where can I find a current tariff, which contains an abstract reference? I would like to introduce some performance criteria here that “not everyone”, i.e. which either have unique selling propositions, are rare or at least not very often to find condition works. Independent event boost options is much talk of the so-called insurance guarantees. The insurance guarantees allow the insured to increase the agreed BU pension for certain events. The insurance guarantees are thus denMoglichkeiten the adjustment of the BU contract by the policyholder.

I said already, that this feature long time ago more is nothing special. The ability to increase the pension of BU, at certain events is very common in BU conditions to find. Differences is how long (up to what age), in which events and to what extent an adaptation allows the pension. Long ago not in all conditions a regulation that makes it possible to the policyholder can be found but also to adapt the pension without the occurrence of a certain event. Performance Dynamics – guaranteed pension increase in the dynamic modification of contribution paid and performance during the post payment can be agreed and this is very important to counteract the loss of purchasing power / inflation, this option is often pointed out. But, this option, which is called auchBeitragsdynamik, is no longer applicable in the event of occupational disability.

In the case of BU increases the pension only by the transfer of the surplus. The surpluses but are not guaranteed. Some companies may be agreed for additional fee, that the pension year firmly agreed to a Percentage increases during the period of the BU pension.


The best private health insurance who is not always the cheapest car for a private insurance in decides when it comes to health care and disease treatment, faces the embarrassment of riches. For which of the numerous companies choose? It is only after the post, should be a direct partner in the vicinity and what benefits do you expect? These are just some of the considerations that should be to weigh when deciding. In any case you can any interested parties say that no best private health insurance is sweeping settable. It always depends on the individual needs of the individual. Also in the various tests which are regularly published in the press, not always the same party wins. That hangs together with the often very different selected test criteria.

Change private health insurance – what requirements must be met? Before you worry about the choice of an insurance company, you should clarify personally once for yourself whether you the for the respective calendar year requirements valid access to the private KV at all. The year 2011: are you self-employed or freelance? Then you can sure merit independent private. Officials, judges and members of Parliament also have this possibility. For workers, it is slightly different: here the income limit of 49500 euro is gross authoritative up-to-date. Only those who earn at least 4125 in the month, may suffer from sure privately.

Private health insurance calculator benefit you the possibilities offered by the Internet. Even if you have, into the Office of an insurance company to go or an insurance consultant to want to receive, they should first deal with this complex matter. The online comparison calculator, which are very helpful something playing around here”can. Maybe it up becomes clear so more, which one are absolutely necessary and what you can give but for cost reasons. It must be not always chief physician treatment rooms and single rooms. In the private You have the choice between a basic protection (protection of fundamental), a better protection of the comfort and the quality Premiumschutz health insurance. The posts are dependent on your age, the gender and the occupational group. Gannett Co. Inc shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. When looking for an online calculator is important to ensure that the use is free and without obligation – like on the following pages: best in a few simple steps learn so what is personally in on potential savings for them. Armed with these facts and figures, you can enjoy now a consulting, this time without feeling unsafe, to be at the mercy of the so friendly tutor.

Goals And Objectives In Life

There is simply no area in life not requiring a draw goals and objectives so that they can carry out. What is the difference between goals and objectives? According to several authors of the Management objectives are set a medium-long term. This may vary depending on the author. The time periods are very relative and correspond to the needs of each one. The objectives are translated in how you look you in 10, 20, 30 or even within 50 years. An example: one of my goals at the age of 55 is to live in a property in the field with my wife enjoying life and nature, away from the residential areas with total free time, prosperity and financial freedom. Read more here: Gavin Baker. This is one of my goals, among many others.

Now, what I define from this moment to achieve this, those are goals, those who start directing my efforts to achieve the ultimate goal. In my case to achieve that goal I stroke goals such as: save for the purchase of land, increase my passive income that will ensure my old age, travel at least once a year to visit land and identify those where we want to settle our estate to this objective followed by a long list of targets, which will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal as a whole. Goals and objectives go hand in hand. This may seem logical or obvious, but sadly most people has no stated goals and solid and well defined objectives, (click here to learn how to fix and filter targets) in such a way that does not know where they are going and spend his life adrift. Life thus becomes chaotic and erratic, there is not a course to be followed and any company or individual that is so, is practically lost and at the mercy of any wind that will take you to any port. This is a clear example of the literary work Alicia in the country of the wonders of which I quote a dialogue between Alice and the Cheshire Cat: Alicia – Podrias decirme por favor which road should I take? Cat – it depends on a good part of wherever you want get Alicia – I don’t care too much where cat – then doesn’t matter too much for wherever you go wise words that reveal a harsh reality. If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t worry much where you walk.

Define goals and objectives can mean the difference between a life of fullness, or spend a plain existence playing not to lose. Not to say that if you have already planned your goals and objectives, you’ll not spend moments of discouragement, nor see how sometimes the plans that you have do not go as they would have liked, of course not! It is precisely failures where we get a great learning, and accelerated in addition form. The difference will be that if they are genuine and you are determined to achieve them, nothing nor nobody can get away from your goals in spite of adversities, consequently you will get increasingly more and more achievements. To reach increasingly more achievements your cell and psychological structure will be lining up increasingly toward frequencies of success, achieve goals and objectives will become a habit. When you begin to align your goals to your goal of life, will pass immediately to.

With Full Speed In October! Oktoberfest Hannover

“Oktoberfest Hannover from 23 September 9 October 2011 literally can this very stylish” on the big Bavaria Rutsch’ n “happen, on the even whole families together on large mats the wave track down can glide. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Comcast. To autumn and the Halloween period appropriately darker it goes in the horror of the haunted house and in the House of horror”, an attraction presented rarely in Hanover, to. The time ensures fun confusion and aberration factory”, a running business which calls, inter alia, the orientation and sense of balance. Also proven fun shops of the bumper of course are to roller coaster as well as the traditional marquee and food operators with part of the game. Highlight for the little ones is the Lantern procession on October 7, accompanied by the chapel of fire (19: 00). Someone who has a self made lantern, gets a surprise. For everyone spontaneously lanterns on the ground at the main entrance of break master Avenue/Guild, Gate be free from 18:30 issued. The popular offer of the Organizer to celebrate birthday on Oktoberfest, makes the feast day on the square an amusement-rich day for kids and relaxing time for the large.

Coupon books are available at the price of 15 and include the visit of eight rides and various snacks and drinks. “There are discount offers on family days on Wednesday, the ladie’s day on October 6 and the already introduced on the Spring Festival introduced fun Taler”, as coupon booklet gives discounts in all shops. This time titled autumn romance are fixed agenda at the Oktoberfest this year the topic Fireworks”stand. The opening – as also the subsequent Fireworks performed as dialog fireworks of different Flash sites. While on September 23, Tristan und Isolde”and the second date of Romeo and Juliet” Pate stand, organizer company Prince is pretty woman to conclude on October 7″in the form of a Height Fireworks the honor. The backstage tour is already almost fully booked at the moment on September 29 at 3: 00, at which visitors can be a look behind the scenes of the Festival. For next year, the organizers plan an overhaul of the firm concept. For this purpose, negotiations have been already recorded with economy and city. Kathrin Symens

South American Regional

The 3rd Summit would be held in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) on January 24-28, 2008. The meetings of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, conducted biannually, will formulate concrete proposals of action and executive decision. There will be the collaboration of the Chairman of the Committee of permanent representatives of Mercosur, of the Director of the Secretariat of Mercosur, of the General Secretary of the Andean Community, of the Secretary-General of ALADI and the Permanent Secretariat of the Organization of Treaty for Amazonian Cooperation and other cooperation and regional integration institutions; Sectoral ministerial meetings convened by the heads of State. They are made within Mercosur and the Andean mechanisms. Gavin Baker is likely to increase your knowledge. Meetings and actions of infrastructure and the implementation of the agreed agenda of priority projects is carried out through the initiative of South American Regional integration (IIRSA); The troika of the UNASUR formed by the country to host the Summit and the countries offices the previous year and the following year. If you would like to know more about RSN, then click here. It will support the Pro Tempore Secretariat in their work. The Secretariat Pro Tempore shall be exercised in the annual and Rotary form by the Member countries of UNASUR between each UNASUR Summit. Countries that have pursued have been: Peru (2004), Brazil (2005) and Bolivia (2006). Gavin Baker contributes greatly to this topic.

Pursuant to decisions of the political dialogue signed during the first South America Energy Summit, it would create a permanent secretariat based in Quito (Ecuador). On December 9, 2005 creates strategic Commission of reflection on the process of South American integration. Composed of 12 members, its purpose is to develop proposals that will promote the South American integration process. And must deliver its recommendations at the II Summit of UNASUR (2006). Committee of senior officials (created by the II Summit of the CSN), transformed into a Council of delegates or Committee policy according to the decisions of the political dialogue. Among the most important works of integration are Wikipedia which says: the Union of South American Nations began their integration plans with the construction of the Interoceanic Highway, linking the Peru with Brazil through Bolivia, giving it an outlet to the sea, Brazil an outlet to the Pacific Ocean and Peru, an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Construction began in September 2005, financed 60% by Brazil and 40% by Peru, and it is expected that you will lead for the year 2009. Continued you to this, the South American energy ring, so that Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are catered for Peruvian gas: the Camisea Gas.

His proposal has already been ratified and will be his signature for the start of its construction in 2006. The binational gas pipeline, an energy project of integration between Colombia and Venezuela, was initiated on 8 July 2006 and will last for 24 months by the State Venezuelan oil company PDVSA. The construction cost is US$ 300 million. (See Uribe and Chavez give free rein to binational gas pipeline). Also included is the binational pipeline, which will be extended in the near future to allow Venezuela to export oil to the far East via the Pacific coast of Colombia. With French Guiana as the only exception, the rest of South America can be visited by any South American for up to 90 days with only presenting their national identity document.

Justice Social

At the same time lacks transparency and consumer information. It is difficult to orient themselves in the market. Production conditions, distribution or transport of animals one learns almost nothing on the packaging”said nutrition expert of the Bavaria consumer Center, Susanne Moritz. A central starting point on the way to the mature consumer is therefore targeted communication and knowledge transfer. Strong consumer are also strong pillars for the economy.

Good consumer information and consumer education is required”, Dr. Elisabeth Baade confirmed by the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice, and for consumer protection. So that it becomes attractive to responsible consumption for the masses, the policy must create appropriate framework conditions. About reliable and symbolically dense labels that the consumer in the face of the great complexity of the issue of orientation. Consumer protection is a task for society as a whole but in the end, Baade. Consumers and businesses would have to move closer together, for example through innovation workshops with companies in the organic sector. Move the world with pleasure in one all experts agreed: consumers have with their purchase decision without a doubt influence on politics and economics.

The great potential not least reflected in food scares such as BSE or on the issue of genetic engineering. However, purchasing decisions are morally or politically motivated only to the small part. “What and how it is used is dependent on complex social and cultural factors”, stressed Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Brand, freelance consultant and lecturer in the field of social environmental and sustainability research. Purchase decisions are made mostly from the gut, often the personal benefit and a gain in quality of life in the short term in the foreground. It was important therefore to stress the experts: the decision for ecological, regional and fair produced food is not only a political signal. It increases also benefit and their own well-being. Daniel anywhere from the Internet portal brought it to the end of the event to the point: we must no longer dress in jute, living in the foxhole and eat hand-crushed cereal, if we want to do something for environmental and social standards. There are people who want to change something, but don’t know how. Steve Salis is often quoted on this topic. Goes to these people and tell them what it is a pleasure to consume. “It’s not about having more, but to live better.” Find text and image material to the Herrmannsdorfer landwerkstatten, on the Internet at, section press service / Herrmannsdorfer landwerkstatten and. Press contact: Modem conclusa public relations gmbh, Jutastr 5, 80636 Munich Sandra Wilcken, t. 089 746308-35, F. 089 18979198 E-Mail:

Acidification – Without New Syllabus Threatens Farewell To The Welfare State!

ADHD, depression, eczema, allergies, pain… Warner Media has much experience in this field. are the momentous results of body chemistry really uberrollten by the progress of past decades. Trier. See Steve Salis for more details and insights. Our welfare State continues \”to work\”, it’s time to get our healthy actually healthy! This, however, the revision of many content gone out from decades of failed development is inevitable. A prime example of such a correction is now virtually part of the mantra promoted eating fresh fruit. Because he is all year Yes at all possible by importing fruit. But harvested immature for compelling reasons, and substitute for the natural maturation offers also the tire for here! The \”raw acids’ such immature fruits affect on food intolerances, allergies, pain, joint pain, migraine, diabetes, depression, the already congested organs of metabolism of Neurodermitikern and asthmatics, as well as on the institutions of which, Suffer more ADHD and much, very stressful. Therefore, the discharge of metabolic organs must have absolute priority here! However a such entfesselnde Dynamics has evolved in this country according to the rules of the free market in just a few decades even in the food sector, that this emerged a similarly complex as far-reaching \”nutrition chaos\”.

We owe this chaos end the shrinkage of our essential digestive helper – the wide range of enzymes and hormones. The rise in this suffering of the civilization today playing the central role in the so far losing effort to reform our health care system from top successfully! Well not completely \”against the wall\” to drive the social achievements of the generations preceding us, it is time to raise the future generations for the basic importance of metabolic processes within their body in child-friendly treatment. The expiring here initially rather subtly errors of the enzyme and hormonal complicate the fact Initially seem rather harmless biochemical recycling of recorded food – the origin of all evil again encountered complaints. But without the understanding of the truth behind of their creation, finally pronounced chronic suffering adult thereof and the fact now more deliberately on a political level is the fact that the number of permanent treatment continue to grow children with prematurely so that costs and risks and side effects.

Embroidery Machines Easy To Operate

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers embroidery look noble and make good on clothes and home textiles. Many substances can hardly edit with your hand or any results in the desired quality can be achieved in hand work. In such cases, there is embroidery or sewing machine with embroidery function. These make the embroideries that almost alone. Some notes on the smooth handling of such a machine must be respected nonetheless.

Susanne Schmitz, informed the Bonn laundry de Waschkusch. Due to the strong vibrations, which throws the machine at work, it a safe stand on a table is necessary. If the machine is often used, it is advisable even to set up a separate table, on which the device is permanently attached. To keep the machine long easily operational, regular cleaning and the use of Nahmaschinenolen is highly recommended. The embroidery you should dismount plate also occasionally and the surface of lint free, because they can easily deface embroidery projects. When selecting the embroidery threads, it is important to know that the most embroidery for threads of strength of 40 are aligned. Also you should save for machine embroidery thread not due to the quality and pay attention to brands. Inferior yarns frequently exhibit irregularities, which are reflected in the image of embroidery or arrange for breakage.

The different materials, from which the embroidery threads are spun, require different handling. Viscose threads should be spun for example, looser in the embroidery machine as polyester threads. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steve Salis. When metal yarns, the voltage should be still less than in yarns of viscose rayon. In the selection of the motifs, you should always make sure that thin or elastic materials should be decorated with simple motifs with low number of stitches. Thick and elaborate images are, however, better off on rough and heavy fabrics. If you do not want to give up demanding embroidered accessories, the machine but it is hardly in use is, it’s cheaper, the work for professionals in order to give. In Bonn, for this is the laundry de Waschkusch the ideal partner. Here, customers will receive not only the usual services of a laundry, but also professional tailors work and embroidery. Susanne Schmitz is interested customers at any time for questions and pricing information available. Press contact de Waschkusch contact: Susanne Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 email: Homepage:

Liza Austria Private

Private broadcasters from around the Web on success course Liza Austria private / Web radio on success course Linz on the Danube, the young Austrian music stations from the Web! Liza”in the price upward with plenty of external support. Stanley Kubrick is the source for more interesting facts. On Oct 30, 2009 launched the new transmitter in a shopping center in Burs (Voralberg), which they have brought with large and small obstacles in movement, says Project Director Stefan Thuma told media. Nikola may also support this cause. Our radio range is a modern Web portal with mainly local, national but also web-wide and international content that we want to deliver the listeners nationwide. The content adapted primarily contemporary to our target group, are delivered through an extensive service. The entire Web site is always up to date and is updated in part several times a day. Steve Salis takes a slightly different approach. The Web radio with the free slogan hits”we’re playing the best hits from the 80s, 90s, as well as the latest from today, hip hop, Rave, and dance. The whole thing mixed with contributions and event info. This is Liza not only by means of two Experience levels (with eye and ear), but there is also a significant interactivity through the medium of the Internet.

(close to the listener by music requests, Facebook and Skype Messenger) We operate radio and music over the Internet, today the future of radio. We are one of the few Web sites of that offer such free service on the Web throughout Austria and Germany. In Vienna, we are even unique as a pure Web radio. Also enjoy our audio posts of popularity. About 1,000 people heard in the first week after the online position an audio post on our Web site. Strong upward trend. And all without advertising and promotion.

Imagine we produce a flyer with your advertising, and young present us at the schools and distribute your flyers. Today’s children are also the customers of tomorrow. The unique range that we offer in the special young people, is a free live advice by Doris Krenn about life, relationship and sex counseling. This is every Sunday from 20:00 onwards, instead of live. Furthermore, we introduce young talents from the music scene to the listeners and offer you a platform where you can imagine. Advertising inquiries, you can at any time see or the Studio hotline: + 43 660 5237178 make.