Parlamat Optimized WAN Applications

Employee benefit October 17, 2008 indicating sysob together with his partners of expand networks VAD manufacturer of solutions for accelerating applications over the WAN (wide area network), the collaboration with Parmalat (PTY) Ltd through improved network performance to 300 percent Schorndorf, known. The workers in the production and sale of milk and dairy products company has implemented expand s WAN optimization technology. Parlamat significantly enhances the performance of its WAN and satellite connections, thereby also saves the cost for getting new upgrades to increase the bandwidth. Parmalat is instructed on the basis of its activities in the sector of the short-lived FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) on fast and secure communication channels, throughout the whole supply chain, marked by high competitive pressure. If you would like to know more about Jeffrey Bewkes, then click here. To ensure maximum network throughput, especially the latency and data storage problems had to, with which the company data transmission via the WAN in the past faced, be eliminated. The cost of the regular updates of bandwidth were unsustainable in South Africa, so that a new solution had to be found.

Igshaan Jackson, IT infrastructure manager at Parmalat, explains: in our company, we operate an ERP system with centralized reporting, as well as an Oracle replication using WAN and are therefore dependent on an appropriate bandwidth for all day-to-day operations. We have therefore quickly realized, that we need a solution that ensures the required capacity and ensuring the smooth running of our business.\” Following extensive live testing, Jackson and his team opted for the accelerator platform expand who had distinguished themselves by superior acceleration performance and QoS properties. Parmalat was immediately able to compress the traffic across the WAN and accelerate through the integrated WAN optimization technology. Building on the successful use of expand technology in the Organization in South Africa more problematic network areas in neighbouring Zambia and Botswana were deliberately Jackson. The restricted access of employees on applications due to high latency and data packet loss over satellite networks highlighted that the bandwidth availability for some Parmalat sites in Africa would be more problematic.

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