The advance of the Popular Party in the Valencian Community and correlative wear the PSPV-PSOE, according to all polls, blurred a growing phenomenon here and in all Spain: the gradual increase in vote blank, i.e., that of actively disgruntled voters. Of being as such, of the white vote would be our third party, above Esquerra Unida and Notepad. The issue is not to take it a joke. Of course the two large parties the only thing that interests them is power, above any other consideration. And media, in addition, naively helped promote exclusionary bipartisanship: up in one of the few spaces that invite to militants from the Party of Rosa Diez, its director, great professional, forgot the other day the name of autonomic UPyD leader: Romain Muzzati.

If it is already difficult, by itself, to try to create a new political force, say already how to do it in an inbreeding system which only generously subsidizes the already established parties and the obsecuentes majority unions. For that reason, the proposal made last week by Mariano Rajoy reduce such subsidies was made knowingly that it would never prosper. And it is that the politician’s starts to be a trade almost to the outside reality. Increasingly there are more leaders who, as exemplified by Leire Pajin and, with it, much of the young deputies and mayors of our community, do not have any academic or professional training or have never exercised any work other than the policy. For this reason, political office know perfectly well that outside their respective party only loneliness and emptiness left them and consequently strive discipline repeat like parrots slogans and arguments which many times do not believe. So are guaranteed to have a post on those ominous lists closed that citizens can not modify and when the relief reaches them they find well paid accommodation in one of the thousands of public companies, autonomous bodies, foundations and other entities in which plugging into the placemen. In addition, are so many politicians ex officio accurate? Current and hasty pruning of posts and salaries because of the economic crisis shows its previous unproductive excess on the payroll of public administrations.

Do we need truth 99 autonomic members when this week the headquarters of Las Corts has been more empty than the Pocket for the most citizens? And it is that love politicians be anywhere less in your job and do it, on the other hand, at the expense of taxpayers. For example: do as necessary has been the presence of the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente, and other three councilmen in a nine day trip to Nicaragua and Panama instead of found in their respective municipalities? None of them, fortunately, has come to do the Mayor of Seville, Sanchez Monteseirin, send your car, chauffeur and bodyguard to Barcelona, so the vehicle reflect off the aircraft. But we do have other waste that the impunity with which they have come acting many politicians has not reveal until now. And there are still who is surprised after disenchantment, of growing electoral abstention and citizen of the political logic of the white vote!


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