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Brushes withstand at least 100,000 crossings according to the company, even if always same lane will be used. Who exchanges occasionally between the individual segments, increases the shelf life on up to 500,000 passages. Patrick Gelsinger is likely to agree. “Just suck dirt ContiTech describes the product on top of that as very maintenance-friendly”. Gratings can be just out of the bath. There accumulated dirt can be then summarily swept up or vacuumed. Apple Inc. contains valuable tech resources. Porro Martinez is recommended however to make sure to purchase the correct size of the cleaning device: each of our fields is good two meters wide and five meters long.

A smaller area would have a correspondingly smaller effect.” The named configuration is suitable according to information of the manufacturer especially for trucks with medium-sized tires. For forklifts compact wheeled smaller dimensions would be sufficient, Heavy load equipment and trucks, however, need a more generous installation. Zero-fault philosophy for special tasks are various options available. Profile gate aqua, for example, has a disinfecting effect and DryZone ensures dry Hall floors. All models in the end achieve the same goal: we need to optimize the quality of the final product. What harmonizes perfectly with the ambitions of ContiTech for several reasons. The globally active specialist for air suspension systems wants to finally defend its reputation and remain faithful to the philosophy of the zero error rate.

But above all, it’s to the satisfaction of the renowned clientele from the truck and trailer industry. Also passengers of ICE or a TGV will benefit from the know-how of Lower Saxony: the adjustable shock absorbers of this rail vehicles also often come from the House of ContiTech. The usage for the quality seems to pay off at least good for the quality. The provider advertises his air springs with a convincing note on their average Life expectancy: It is up to three times higher, and the probability of default at least half smaller than at the competition. “A total such clear testimony ContiTech of also the machine factory is today: this is an absolutely reliable partner in terms of cleanliness, preparation of a quotation to delivery everything perfectly.

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