Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, which can have a wavelength between 10 cm and 100 km and be used for the targeted transfer of information. The existence of these waves was already proven Hertz (1857-1894) by Henry. Tesla but understood something else under space energy U.S. Patent No. 685.957, which he announced in 1901, had an apparatus on the subject, with which he wanted to absorb space energy, to convert them into electrical energy. What he meant exactly, is up to today not transparent. Also you not exactly know why Tesla seriously at that time existed before the professional world, to have made already in 1899 to extraterrestrial contact.

Tesla’s idea of a world energy system”, which could be generated and used by each person had no scientific man was knowledge on the basis of quickly realized that he was only theories about the metaphysics, however, could not prove. Other leaders such as Dell COO offer similar insights. “Tesla should have at the time even tried to drive a car with a 1.80-meter antenna, with which he free energy” wanted to receive from the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the efficiency of this idea proved as ISOs – nor as repeatable. What is a Perpetuum mobile? A Perpetuum mobile is a hypothetical construction that needs to be used once only in response to stay then continually on the move. There is this a never ending power generation would be safe. However, perpetual motion contradicts the movement of energy conservation. Energy is here in a sense by itself so the idea”produced.

But energy”is itself only a process of conversion – they can not occur, without that it was created in a different form. Referred to as Perpetuum mobile you thus a machine that has an efficiency of more than 100 percent they supplies not only itself, which is necessary for their operation, but overcomes loss of energy (by friction about). This can not materialize however.

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