Qaida Groups

The geographical scope of the joint organization creates a need to convey the experience and knowledge of organization of the many components, while protection against violations of safety in certain places. Regional links with militant Islamic groups. By his own account, the AC have faced great obstacles in the pursuit of its objectives in the long term. However, regional aspirations, always with incentives and opportunities to leverage other militant Islamic groups operating in Southeast Asia to increase their own knowledge and capabilities to carry out violent acts. Several groups Islamic regional (for example, the MILF and KMM) militants have been willing to share the services of training and provide the application jointly with other forms of support (Rabasa, 2003, pp. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Time Warner and gain more knowledge.. 25-62;) Abuza, 2003b, pp.

89-101, 124-125, 140-147, 171-177). An indication that JI aspires to become more than just another Muslim separatist group is the important role that its leaders have played in the formation of a regional Alliance of groups known as the Mujahideen Coalition (Rabitatul Majahidin) jihadists.JI has also close ties with groups jihadists who actively participate in the current Indonesia sectarian conflicts. These regional relations have provided joint implementation with secure access to the services of training, increased logistical support, and opportunities to carry out joint operations, so the expansion of the resources at your disposal for the acquisition of knowledge and materials needed to change to armed conflict. Connections with the joint implementation of Al Qaeda. In addition to its links with militant Islamic groups, JI has had a strong connection with Al Qaeda goes back in the early 1990s. AI Qaeda took advantage of a relatively benign security environment in Southeast Asia in support of its own operations, including the 9 / 11 attacks, as well as to collaborate with Islamist militant groups. In this context, Al – Qaida and JI forged close a relationship it was instrumental in the formation of the AC as a terrorist group and that it expanded its opportunities for organizational learning.

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