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The best help for tobacco cessation, and incidentally respect the new legislation that prohibits smoking in public places since the January 2, 2011, comes from China. And it is the electronic cigarette has its origin in the Asian continent. A large proportion of these products have the label Made in China, explains Alex Makow, Director General for Spain, Italy and Portugal AsiInspection (), the company dedicated to perform quality control and inspection services, audit and Test Laboratory for importers. This new way of smoking does not contain toxic substances such as nicotine, are commissioned by the importers from around the world to factories which mainly found in China because of quality and very competitive labor that are manufactured there, add. And as shows serve button Smoke Clean, a Spanish company which is putting your grain of sand when it comes to propagate the vapeo, or what is the same thing, smoking cigarettes of this type. Persons to the they buy they see in them a healthier smoking, they buy it to remove the monkey at certain moments in places where it is not permitted smoking, to smoke less, leave it or to play the gestures of the action of smoking but not inhaling all harmful substances contained in tobacco, says Pedro Manuel Garcia, its Director General. With examples like the Smoke Clean is left patent that the importacionesque come from the known world factory, they have nothing to do with the San Benito cheap and bad. Quite the opposite.

In our case AsiInspection conducted an audit of factory, with which we check everything was in order to proceed to manufacture our product there with total peace of mind. In addition also ratified that Chinese laboratories did with all product certificates and that they complied with the legislation in force, says Garcia. Such is indeed the safety of import from Asia that such products are located at sites that have nothing to do with the question. Is sold at points like pharmacies, para-farmacias, breweries, bingos, etc., adds Alex Makow. I am convinced that importing electronic cigarettes that have passed all quality controls, the figure of more than 50,000 people who die each year in Spain or the 12 million smokers that we have, will be reduced.

-The electronic cigarette is characterized by allowing the smoker to enjoy the pleasure of having a cigarette and smoking without ingesting any substance that is harmful, substances only innocuous that they consist of aromas and natural additives. It also presents capsules of different flavors; from the classic fruity aromas of tobacco or Mint. -These give off water vapor. Therefore smoker believes that actually still smoking, and those who are around must not breathe the annoying smoke that is so damaging to suck in a passive way. -They found on the Internet at affordable prices. Smoke Clean offers a cigarette electronic disposable to just 12 euros, and start in the use of the vapeo kit; i.e., the new way of smoking healthy without any added substance, for a little more than 40 euros, concludes Pedro Manuel Garcia, its Director General. For the management of interviews or the ampilacion of information: Nuria Coronado Sopenadirectora of communication Sage___Avda of industry 13, 1st pl, local 20Alcobendas. 28108 Madrid91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566www.salviacomunicacion.

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