Russian System

To make money working from home on the Internet with a business without investment and duplicated against easier! Best! A few years ago a friend told me a story about what happened at NASA. That suggests a story that illustrates the risk of life unnecessarily complicated. It is said that nearly half a century ago, in full space race between the USA and the USSR, both powers were competing among themselves to be the first to reach the moon. Vanity, the dubious military strategic value, global recognition, prestige, scientific and above all, the NASA budget and the state contribution to the Russian equivalent were apparently involved. Technological findings was, of course, the key. Technology and development to solve problems, details, situations would arise. The largest studies were at that time about the effects and causes of the absence of gravity and other controversies of life in space. Finalizing details of the project is positioned a big problem.

January 2nd objective was to do, as planned, and 2, so important as the first, leaving everything done recording. The astronauts would have to, if needed, accurate searches in vivo and in writing of any situation, issue or discovery. Here was the new difficulty: no gravity, the ink from the pens do not move. This small and insignificant problem seemed to become necessary at that time. The team managed to win around this problem, apparently, the Space Race. United States invested millions of dollars to solve this problem. After a time of relentless work, American inventors submitted a topsecret project.

It was a kind of pen that was inside a pumping system, which drives the ink towards the tip. The device was almost perfect. This invention allowed speed, first, the trip to the moon and then came a metamorphosis in the construction of pens (the known spray). U.S. progress in the space race, but it was not because the USSR could not solve the problem of ink. In fact, they had found the solution to that problem a few hours after being presented with the difficulty posed by the lack of gravity the Russians simply used pencils. Moral: In the multilevel business maxim should apply, since the basis of these businesses is in the cloning or duplication and if things simple in our system, we prove more difficult to transfer knowledge to our members. For this reason against our system easier to make money with an Internet business!


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