Sergey Belyaev

It the clearest example of a loyalty program is designed without taking into account all aspects of business and, apparently, the main objective was the involvement of users in the network program. "When developing the project should address all aspects of the business, interests, and especially the work of marketing, financial, commercial, legal, accounting, IT department, because of the loyalty program to promote business development as a whole ", – says Sergey Belyaev. Legal and tax discrepancy of the draft legislation could lead to the closure of a program or a significant reduction in economic efficiency of up to loss project because of penalties and additional taxes. A functional limitation of the project due to an incorrect choice of software will make the goal unattainable. Often the effect of the program is limited to compensation clients, without proper data collection and analysis, as well as their further use for the development of service companies. "This approach is obviously wrong, it's a dead end from which the later if it is possible to get out, then at least with imposing tremendous losses or lost profits: once lost the confidence of the client, it is virtually impossible to win again – says Sergey Belyaev. – The program targeted work with buyers, the program Loyalty should be to build relationships with customers, work with them, it must be transparent, honest and not try to cheat and "plunder" of the client. " Collective Intelligence Companies do not have to run the program independently, can be combined pool of companies and launch a coalition loyalty program.


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