The company offers development, sales and operation of innovative client and server products for the financial services industry and their customers. Computer applications GbR founded in 1994 as Baumann & Balk, transformed the company into a joint stock company in the year 2000; September 10, 2007 was renamed the windata GmbH & Co.KG. The windata has now a nationwide very high profile attained. Leslie Moonves brings even more insight to the discussion. Clients include more than 150 banks in the entire Federal territory, which offer their customers of windata software programs to the secure payment processing. More information under: about ebills & more that ebills & more GmbH is an independent provider of solutions and services for electronic invoice processing and supports both savings banks and cooperative banks as well as their corporate clients in the design and implementation of digital Business processes. In addition the ebills & more operates the ServiCon account portal for the ServiCon EC, and thus the commercial groups and franchise systems in ZGV Zentralverband commercial composite group e.V.

The three brands of savings RechnungsService, VR-RechnungsService and ServiCon audit Portal form a middle-class platform for the electronic transfer of the Bill, which is currently unique on the market in this form. The Kiel company was founded in 1999 by the savings banks in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Today it is a subsidiary of current AG, Osnabruck, the AlphPlus GmbH, Bonn, and ServiCon EC, Cologne. More information under: about the RechnungsService of the RechnungsService of ebills & more is a Web-based process with universal access: A user must only about browsers & Internet access and register in order to settle its bills through the platform. Through a printer connector, you can easily transport bills from most applications to the platform. The usual, extensive an internal eBilling project costs.

Instead at the unit price calculated, what is the RechnungsService for both small and large sizes is suitable. The participating savings banks and credit unions take over marketing local Raiffeisen banks with their nationwide Filialnetzen and ServiCon for commercial groups and franchise systems in the ZGV. All three institutions offer the advantage of existing customer proximity, because they already have business relations to most companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The RechnungsService extends the established, electronic payment traffic. He is already integrated in many applications for online banking and cash management such as SFirm32, Genocash, Windata, StarMoney, Multicash.

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