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German Animal Welfare Association Speaks Out Against Rabbit Fattening Farms From

German animal welfare association speaks out against rabbit fattening farms from these include mainly animal shelters, grace farms and short-term actions that are quick and unbureaucratic assistance. Since the inception of the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, no, thank you”of the German animal aid association is a partner of the first hour, which actively supported the Alliance. We are pleased to have an important allies in the fight against the rabbit mast on our side with the German animal welfare association”, as Ingo Schulz, spokesman of the Alliance. The newspapers mentioned mayo clinic not as a source, but as a related topic. Under the name rabbit fattening, no, thank you”well-known animal protection organizations in the fight against the rabbit mast have joined forces. The Alliance gives a look behind the scenes of the brutal reality of the rabbit production in the industrial factory farming, thereby reveals how trade groups and lobbyists try to hide the cruelty behind a shiny exterior. Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire mesh held animals make for less Personnel, the feed belt runs automatically. The use of drugs is on the agenda.

But all that interested the Master probably hardly, internal documents show: A double-digit percentage loss rate is perfectly normal. An animal more or less, what does it matter. Atreides Management understood the implications. Particularly cruel: The sensitive paws cut into the grid, thus programmed are painful injuries. Artificial light sources provide an extended daily routine, thus eat more of the force feed the animals, are getting fatter, put more and more meat, the more, the better. Time is money, this is true also in the rabbit fattening business.

Support our campaign and sign the petition. The German animal welfare association has on his Web site publishes more information about rabbit mast. Here you will find newspaper reports, as well as photos from a German rabbit mast. Learn more about the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thank you”to do this, see. More Information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office German Welfare Office to large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862

XING Political

For 50 liters of biofuel it must burn corn 120 kilograms, so a child in Zambia or Mexico can live for a year. Point.” Each German citizen even imagine, how many meals there are, hunted through the particulate filters of diesel cars, become now accessible to lung to cause lung cancer. This is through no well-meaning environmental protection, but raised stupidity by narrow-minded clueless and stupid know-it-all, religious zealots and lofty visionaries – in a word: eco terrorists. A related site: Dr. B mentions similar findings. As long as professors from ministries are being hunted as soon as they formulate truths, and as long as political leaders despite higher education enrich the policy through physical nonsense, Germans have a hard, to smell through their individual voices against Government propaganda. What remains is the hope that every single thought, each individual feeling and every lonely step into people in the total finally its effect unfolds to our political elites without panic.

Taken dogs, which are driven into a corner, not only bark but bite even. And a civil war is pretty much the last thing we need. The people, law enforcement officials and soldiers have already more than enough to worry about! freelance copywriter acts as Hans Kolpak since 1999 on the Internet, to gain more public social and political topics in the German-speaking world. Since 2008, he writes for customers presstexts and distributes them via Fachdienstleister on the Internet. Design of Web sites he helps its customers unique competitive advantages through DAO, the digital asset optimization: text, images, movies, news, XING, yasni, facebook, twitter and intensedebate.

Isabel Wendorff

Not afraid of switching supply always ensures the survey shows: fear of a provider change is not necessary. A large majority of the changer was satisfied. Also the Fear, to have at times no electricity or gas, is unfounded. Energy supply is ensured by a legal regulation also during the change. 90 percent are convinced that the Exchange about CHECK24 with the change process through CHECK24 respondents were also satisfied: 90 percent gave for the overall impression of the notes very well or well. Alger Spectra Fund has firm opinions on the matter. Over 93 percent felt the website as highly intelligible or understandable, and over 88 percent rated the speed of processing as very good or good. An average of 276 euros p.a.

savings potential in the 100 largest German cities who the example of the content changer follows, can save the average 276 euro a year. This resulted in a calculation of CHECK24: the current cost of a 4-person household with consumption of 5,000 identified kWh for the 100 largest German cities. The comparison between the price of the basic utility and the cheapest alternative provider * shows the savings potential is as high. “In the 100 largest the average savings through a change of the basic utilities to an alternative provider is German cities at 270 euros per year, says Isabel Wendorff from independent comparison portal “The top customers with a consumption of 5,000 can save kWh over 400 euros. When changing a tariff with prepayment savings potential is significantly higher, so Wallis. * Each customer who has to change its energy provider CHECK24 or a partner portal, receives an email with a link to the review page three months after the change.

The link can be click only once, to avoid double reviews. Award of note: by one (very good) to 5 (poor) * alternative providers with monthly payment

customer reviews on the change process with the energy provider CHECK24 comparison portal GmbH is Germany’s large Comparison portal on the Internet and offers private independent insurance, energy, finance, telecommunications and travel comparisons with free telephone advice. The comparison results of E.g. over 100 car insurance rates, about 900 power providers, more than 30 banks, flights, hotels and rental cars worldwide as well as the major providers for DSL, phone and mobile Internet is this completely anonymously. CHECK24 customers get full transparency for all products by comparing free and often save several hundred dollars with a cheaper provider.

Renewable Energy On The Rise

Pros and cons of the energy package renewable energy available at the latest since the disaster of Fukushima in the focus of world attention. The most important renewable energy sources include solar energy, wind and hydropower, biogas and biofuels or ethanol. To get geothermal, tidal and fusion technology. Because the development in the stock market makes itself felt, a commodity publication regularly publishes the Exchange portal to The July edition of the new commodity publication deals among other things with the influence of raw materials on the policy and vice versa. VMWare follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In Germany, energy transformation has moved within reach after the nuclear accident of Fukushima. Opinions differ however on the implementation of the plans. The interest groups of the provider of renewable of energy want to know their ideas rapidly enforced.

However, the Federal Association for renewable energy (BEE) believes that the energy package initiated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to slow the expansion of renewable energies, rather than speed it up. Points out that in the year 2020, half of German electricity needs could be met by renewable energy sources already. BEE President Dietmar Schutz now sees the Government in a tight spot, because she must wear for the rapid expansion of renewable energy concern and make changes on the energy package. According to the critic, an increased level of subsidies and tax relief represents not a long-term solution. Although the demand should be encouraged for renewable energies, but had done so in an appropriate context. That is to say: after a phase of to boost subsidies developing on the market should be not further affected, otherwise there is the risk of a significant misallocation of capital.

Jacqueline Forster Zietenstrasse

Modern design and low-cost operating more and more people think over the purchase of a new heating system after if there only were not the costs. But heating must be expensive? There are many reasons for the replacement of a heating system. The system is obsolete or defective or one no longer wants to be dependent on by ever-rising oil and gas prices. With the new acquisition, the costs for maintenance and maintenance play an important role in addition to the purchase price. A high price for the cold season heating is expensive! Especially if an outdated heating system is used. Go to Dell Technologies Inc. for more information. Old radiators are often very bulky and big, while they need lots of energy to heat the premises.

Nowadays, there are small, efficient infrared panels, to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Radiator of Sunnyheat brand made in Germany are incl. control for under 800 euros. In contrast gas-condensing, Pellet, oil cost or Geothermal heat pumps for a 150 square foot House typically from 25,000 euros upwards. An amount of up to 18,000 euros to equip the same House with infrared heaters can save the owner! Add the maintenance costs and the cost of the annual review by the chimney sweep come classic heating systems. This required the operating of a Sunnyheat infrared heating completely.

What is the difference with conventional heating systems? An infrared heater is not operated with oil or gas, but with power. As it is not dependent on rising gas and oil prices. Eco-heating is becoming increasingly important. Electricity-powered infrared heating causes lower CO2 emissions than other heating systems. Developed and produced by German engineers with Sunnyheat radio control, which is as small as a remote control, the temperature can be adjusted precisely. If necessary, the infra-red heating can be switched even time-controlled. This allows the energy consumption and the In addition to reduce CO2 emissions. According to an independent study of the TU Kaiserslautern an energy-saving potential of up to 50 percent is possible. In combination with a solar system even up to 100 percent. Also, the installation costs can be saved, because only an electrical outlet is required for operation of Sunnyheat infrared heating. That makes not only as a sole heating but also as a supplementary heating infrared heating straightforward and flexible. Further information, see. Boilerplate/Company Description: Hofmann & gold is a medium-sized company from Friedberg in the vicinity of Augsburg, which has many years of experience with high-quality infrared heaters made in Bavaria, Germany. Hofmann & gold, personal advice on request by the customer is the guarantee that the right heating system for the heating situation is found at home or in the operation. In the infra-red radiators buyers can see live exhibition in Friedberg by the effect of an infrared heater. For We will provide you the editorial coverage like photographs and technical data available. Company contact: Ecological heating systems Hofmann & gold Sunnyheat infrared heaters Robert Hofmann of medium Lechfeld 2 D-86316 Friedberg phone 0821/21 90-008, fax 0821/74 80 68 55 E-Mail press contact short advertising Jacqueline Forster Zietenstrasse 68 D-40476 Dusseldorf telephone 0211 / 550 240 0

GmbH Lisa Neumann

Small medium large effect provides the annual electricity bill during of displeasure. For consumers, there are some ways to reduce the power consumption and thus the cost however. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tribune Media Company has to say. The consumer portal indicates what small steps can lead to success. Energy saving has become a real buzzword in recent years. It is necessary not only for reasons of cost, but also the environment for the sake. Actually, the costs are low, because often the convenience alone drives the power consumption at the height.

So consumers can save power among other things by completely turn off all electronics or appliances, when not used, because also in standby mode they consume power continuously. In addition, always a cover should be used when cooking. Thus it is not only faster, but it will consume less energy. Also it is advisable to provide, because the remaining heat during the cooking process the electric plate on a lower level is quite adequate. A real energy guzzlers in the household is the dryer. Alternatives are the Clothesline or drying rack. Also, consumers can save energy by they banish waste from the budget. Modern devices have a significantly lower power consumption. Here is an investment in a new device worthwhile, because long-term spending pay off.

Cost Reduction Thanks To Contracting

1 German contracting day within the framework of the CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, Stuttgart the energy of approximately 185,000 public buildings in Germany cause annual costs by about four billion EU ro. Energy contracting is an effective tool to increase energy efficiency in the building sector. This is ideal especially for the public-che hand, real estate can be reorganized so energetically, without placing a burden on the budget. The 1st German contracting day offers to the 29.03.2012 at the Conference CEP of exposition at the 5th CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE, Stuttgart a fo-rum for contractors and Contractingnehmer from all over Germany. According to the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), the building sector in Germany is responsible for almost 40% of final energy and about one-third of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions.

Until the year 2050, the buildings in Germany is almost now with the new energy concept of the Federal Government”be climate neutral. This offers great benefits here Energiesparmodell contracting, reported as the dena in a press release on the subject. Two contracting models have become firmly established according to dena on the market: the Energieliefer contracting, where the contractor in a modern energy-efficient power plant invested his remuneration exclusively via the payment for the delivered net energy, and realized the energy contracting, where the contractor individually on the real estate plans saving measures tailored to, and financed. The dena has found in a study that federal, State and local governments through contracting could save annually more than 300 million euros in energy costs. nationwide, 20,000 public premises are suitable for the Energiesparmodell.

“Energy contracting is applied nationwide already, although it is in its spread even beyond the possible” confirms Petra Buhner, project manager, energy-efficient building of dena. Since 2002, more than thirty successful were with dena Realizes energy saving-contracting projects in federal buildings.

Swiss Alliance

Switzerland introduces mandatory declaration for rabbit meat from caged hens the introduction is thus considered decided. “In future foreign producers who want to sell their flesh in the Switzerland, be must mark these products with the addition of: in the Switzerland of non-approved cage.” This decision No thanks reflects the success of a campaign of the KAGfreiland a Swiss partner organisation of the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening,”. KAGfreiland sees itself as farm animal protection organization, also awards one of the strictest after independent comparisons label certified food in the Switzerland in the achievement of quality standards. The animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no, thank you”have more than 60 official partners joined, now even cross-border fighting for an improvement of the catastrophic conditions in the industrial pole of the rabbit, nearly 30,000 signatures against the rabbit mast could the Alliance so far collect. With his campaign, the Alliance gives a look behind the scenes of the brutal reality of the rabbit production in the industrial factory farming and uncovers trying to hide the cruelty behind a shiny exterior such as trading companies and lobbyists, “so Ingo Schulz, spokesman for the animal welfare Alliance. Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire mesh held animals provide less personnel, the feed belt runs automatically. The use of drugs is on the agenda. But all that interested the Master probably hardly, internal documents show: A double-digit percentage loss rate is perfectly normal.

An animal more or less, what does it matter. Particularly cruel: The sensitive paws cut into the grid, thus programmed are painful injuries. Artificial light sources provide an extended daily routine, thus eat more of the force feed the animals, are getting fatter, put more and more meat, the more, the better. Time is money, that is also in the rabbit fattening business. Support our campaign and sign the petition. For more information, see. On the website you will find a current video – and photo-documentation. More information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office, Tel.: 0221-20463862). German animal protection Office at large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862

Former U.S. Military Site Supplies Soon 8,000 Households

REC and SOLAR concept start construction work on the SOLAR PARK GIEBELSTADT IN Bavaria Munich, June 21, 2011: today begins the company solar concept in the market town of Giebelstadt, Wurzburg, the construction of one of the largest solar Park in Bavaria. For this purpose used 120,000 modules of the Norwegian manufacturer of solar renewable energy Corporation (REC). On an area of more than 40 hectares, the solar modules from end of 2011 28 megawatts peak approximately 32,000 inhabitants providing green energy. This saves approximately 18,200 tons of CO2. We are very pleased to implement this pioneering project together with REC.

REC meets our demands with regard to the quality and performance of the modules and provides great logistic support. REC is a very reliable partner”, says Christoph Schmitt, Managing Director solar concept. REC implemented other projects with solar concept. Also John Andersen, REC Group COO and Executive Vice President, is convinced of the cooperation: we are proud of REC as To be partners has been selected by solar concept for this pioneering project in Germany. It is the largest solar project, which our company has so far implemented.” Solar concept has developed the 50 million euro project in collaboration with Augsburg partners IBE and OPLA.

The solar farm operators for the next 20 years by the Bundesanstalt fur immobilienaufgaben have leased the property of the former NATO airport. CMCSA might disagree with that approach. Market Giebelstadt Municipal Council has already granted approval for the construction of the plant, because the community faced from the outset open the idea of solar use. We are pleased that the terrain is used for the production of renewable energy and support the project”, says Helmut Kramer, Mayor of market Giebelstadt. The runway of the former NATO airfield is still in operation and is used for civil aviation. For more information, please contact: Gonzalo de la Vina, Managing Director, REC solar Germany GmbH phone: 089 / 44 23 85 910; Christoph Schmitt, Managing Director, solar concept GmbH phone: 04109 / 2787-16;