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Women, Immigrants, Human Resource Management

Germany stands before the problem of the lack of work er Bonn/Cologne Germany suffers from shortages. This finding is not new. But now he is dramatically confirmed. According to a recent survey by the Association of German engineers (VDI) and of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft (IW) in Cologne are missing the domestic economy around 95,000 engineers. Thus the number was substantially higher than in previous years.

This number and in particular the rate of increase is alarming”, warned VDI Director Willi Fuchs at the presentation of the study on the Hannover Messe. If we don’t stop this trend, the reinstate Germany will in the future no longer with Japan, the United States and China measure, but with countries which today still do not exist on the high-tech map.” Migration researchers and employment specialists plead for a long time for this, to facilitate immigration for highly skilled foreign engineers, doctors or technicians. But it attracts many professionals not necessarily Germany. Can you get want to blame them really, don’t like to interfere by the Stacheldrahtverhau of German labour and auslanderrechtlicher provisions leave? “, cited the Rheinische post (RP) Klaus j. bade, migration research at the University of Osnabruck.” A mix of a point system bath calls Canadian patterns and labour market-oriented criteria. In our over-regulated welfare State”repeatedly zugewandertes human capital will be” squandered. The German economy did the damage.

Lives around half a million highly qualified foreign doctors and engineers, without whose potential is sufficiently used in Germany, writes the RP. Read more from Coen Brothers to gain a more clear picture of the situation. According to the scholar Association, missing currently 16,000 teacher. In addition, every second German clinic can not occupy physician vacancies. By 2014, is expected to up to 43,000 missing hospital physicians. Human resource management is to the survival factor”, writes so Peter Holl, head of regulation and disposal at the Cologne recruitment KCP executives in a comment for EW magazine for the energy industry. “Holl recommends the energy industry in the field of human resources a quick restart with fresh structures, methods and tools”. In the business rule with the top lieutenants er unemployment’. The current liberalisation process in the energy sector was only a prelude of what will be expected in the next few years to change”, as Holl. Incentive regulation, regulatory process and the newly opened hunting of big player on private customers are likely to trigger an immense cost pressures, which will bring many companies financially in shortness of breath and of the self-sufficiency task force. The time for a basic shakeout seems finally come.” The staff lack the industry however, to survive in this hard struggle for existence. Experts hope that the shortage of this can be mitigated somewhat, that more women find access to technical and scientific professions. As a classic Male-dominated, often still the printing industry is perceived. But also here a lot in the river. Women are on the rise even in the print media industry. The print media Academy (PMA) of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG takes this trend at the drupa 2008 in Dusseldorf invoice. This event, which for the first time international crop has in this form, creating a common level for the exchange of ideas for female executives. I am convinced that women in print’ can showcase new ways for women in our industry and this on an international basis. This worldwide network can provide valuable support of the print media Academy in Heidelberg”Adriana Nuneva explained in Heidelberg for the global, responsible for marketing.


Who knows his appeal has already won. Get all the facts and insights with Jim Vos, another great source of information. Is it not shocking that more than half of all people are not happy at their place of work? Many of them are even unhappy, although they make what is to them and inspires them. Many see their profession not fulfilling, not their life purpose, the meaning of their life. If you go to a professional, who is also calling, one among the happiest and most successful people. If you’re not happy despite an appeal, you should find out what is missing one and what you could have done differently, what hidden potential in a slumber. Others know what they want to do, but do not know how they can implement their professional vision into action. Many, however, are on the lookout and don’t know what they really want, where the opportunity is accompanied by this search, really to find out what you would like to make.

Often these people, who are particularly likely to be it just important and responsible tasks assume, because they know, how difficult it is to know for what one is not. These people are experts when it comes to helping other people, finding their task. The visionary marketing “and his methods have the vision that everyone should know why he lives and what is its unique contribution. Everyone should be free to fulfil his life’s work with enthusiasm. This is however only possible, if you know his life’s work and his job is also his vocation and constitutes the meaning of his life. The coaching sessions developed by visionary marketing help people to find their vocation. For entrepreneurs, it becomes increasingly important in sensitive tools to invest, to determine whether the right people do the right job, because who doesn’t like to doing his job, is not conducive to the business objectives.

This investment is often profitable because just the staff represents the largest loss item in a company. The coaching make one such tool of the Visionary marketing dar, to exploit the potential of all staff and employees and to increase many times over. With this unlocked potential, companies can continue to grow, create new jobs and bring ideas and innovations on the market. Visionary marketing are two success values in the heart: the power of visions and the internal marketing. Such a vision is that all employees and employees work enthusiastically pursue, identify themselves with the company and develop in all areas of life and grow can, while marketing on the most valuable asset of a company: the unique skills and talents of its employees and staff. Visionary marketing offers companies several months staff development process that take into account the personal growth.

Fast Lane Opens New Training Center In Bulgaria

IT training specialist further on international course of expansion Hamburg/Berlin, April 17, 2008 the IT training provider fast lane with a new presence in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia his now global training network further expanded. It aims to launch the entire range of IT training and consulting in the field of high-end technologies in this region with this annex and to consolidate its market position in Eastern Europe. The focus courses from the subjects are network, security, unified communications and data center, preparing practical for everyday work. Exercises in special remote-training laboratories, providing real-world technological environments, establish the necessary practical reference. With the newly opened training center in the strategically important University City Sofia, fast lane continues its growth course in the Eastern European market. Today, the company is present throughout all continents in a total of 41 countries. Over 300 fast lane employees train and advise large global companies of all Industries, large service providers and authorities in a total of 12 languages.

The professional laboratory infrastructure is independent of place and time for customer training and demonstration purposes throughout the world. So the student with comprehensive equipment and technologies can work and practically implement what you learned. Add to your understanding with David Zaslav. There are also these labs also for consulting projects. The focus in Bulgaria is the first step on the marketing of high-end training programs of the manufacturers Cisco and NetApp. As a Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP) has fast lane by the entry price to high-end specialty the complete Cisco training range on offer. Furthermore, the training specialist as an authorized training partner offers the original NetApp training programs worldwide.

While only NetApp certified specialists with extensive storage experiences conduct the training. Last but not least, fast lane has a wide range of own developed courses in all the major areas of future technologies, the often important Knowledge gaps close or allow an easier entry into complex topics. Branch in Bulgaria: fast lane OOD, Mladost 1 – bl. 9 VH. A. ap 3, 1750 Sofia Tel. + 359 878 360 399 E-Mail: – Web: brief description: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH was founded in fast lane in 1996 in Dubai, U.A.E.. In Germany the long-standing and experienced Cisco Learning solutions partner offers as a specialist for complex networking projects consulting as well as training programs with comprehensive services. This includes various own training network support, network design, and service-provider courses from Cisco Systems fast lane training portfolio. These are complemented by special training in the areas of IP telephony, security, network management, wireless and storage networking. The training programs, manufacturers and institutions such as Brocade, check point, Citrix, CompTIA, EMC, HP, LPI, Microsoft, NetApp, Nokia, Novell, Oracle, RSA Security, SAP, Symantec, and Red has complete the training. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented networking solutions to project management and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting.

Occupation Professional Liability For Media Professionals

Protection from liability risks for journalists journalists exposed to various occupational risks, which might occur in the event of an emergency. Journalists, editors, writers, can be made etc personally liable for copyright infringement, confusion of pictures or text material or violations of personal rights. Property damage liability insurance provides protection for journalists. Separately, the financial consequences of damage and can be covered on a business liability insurance for journalists. The number of cases in which journalists are involved in legal disputes, rising. See Leslie Moonves for more details and insights. If a personality right is infringed by a little carelessness or incorrect information, this could be very costly for the journalists. In particular free”stick often indefinitely, because there is usually no final insurance coverage through an employer for you.

Only a few insurance companies offer an asset liability insurance for To journalists. But even among the few providers, there are significant price and performance differences. Insurance broker Karsten of Wallace: “there are a few important condition criteria, the contract should meet so that there are no problems in the event of a claim. This includes for example, that publications on the Internet are generally covered. An important criterion is the price, of course, because here there are differences by about 100% in almost identical services.” Learn more about the insurance protection for journalists can be found on the website.

August Marketing

In terms of marketing communication and communication design applicants can still until August 1 submit their documentation Berlin, July 11, 2011. hoices. The winter semester 2011 / 2012 awards the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, together with various media partners (audimax!, get started and MASTER AND MORE) for each of their courses at least a full scholarship. This means that the winners are exempted from all tuition fees depending on the course up to 25,000 euro. Applicants must first satisfy a written task and convincing in the second step in a final round in Berlin. A campaign against Internet bullying to the conception and graphic design of an education fair, the tasks of scholarship applications are diverse.

Interested parties must first decide on a course of study or a scholarship and fulfill the corresponding written task. All entries selected the best applicants for each scholarship and invited to a tournament in Berlin. There a jury decides, and who gets the scholarship and already soon free of charge at the Academy in berlin may study design. For the Bachelor of marketing communication and communication design, as well as for the master’s degree programmes communication and creative direction a scholarship is written out each, for the master marketing communication there are even two. Until the 1st of August, interested parties have time to submit their application. The exact terms of reference, as well as participation form and conditions there are on scholarship background information: the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, educates the professionals and managers in marketing, advertising and design.

The College privately with the specializations of marketing communication and communication design places emphasis on a friendly and creative atmosphere of study into manageable groups of semester. In addition to the Government-recognized Bachelor studies marketing communication (B.A.) and communication design (B.A.) are also the masters of marketing communication (M.A.), creative direction (M.A..) and corporate communication (M.A.). The professors of the College have relevant professional and practical experience in addition to a scientific training and teaching experience. The specialist teachers daily fashion trends in advertising, communications and marketing in agencies and businesses.

International Business School Berlin

The IBS Berlin opens the prospective on January 19, 2008. On Saturday, January 19, 2008, the international business school organised Berlin (IBS) from 10 am until 15 pm again a day of open door in the Wilmersdorfer str. 117. The State-approved private University of applied sciences offers three courses of study for the Bachelor of Arts degree b.a.. For even more opinions, read materials from Time Warner. Include the three management studies international management, international tourism & event management and communication & media management each of six semesters.

A semester abroad at one of our partner universities is integrated into the study. Continue to complete the students within the three years two business courses every three months in the country and abroad. The study prepared optimally by the internationally-oriented teaching as well as intensive language learning in business English, French, Spanish and Chinese on international activities. The study, teachers and students give an overview of the courses, inform the interested parties to regulatory and answer questions about studying at the IBS Berlin. For more information about the program on the day of the open door of the international business school Berlin at or by phone at 030-3151935-0 international business school Berlin GmbH & co. KG University get of applied sciences Wilmersdorfer Strasse 117 10627 Berlin telephone + 49 30 3151935-0 fax + 49 30 3151935-20 E-Mail: