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Meru Networks

NfR units are purchased appliances and not intended for resale. All devices are Energizer update includes a year. Existing test position devices cannot be applied in the promotion. A Barracuda shipping fee in the amount of 82,–euros will be added to net the net purchase price. The offer is valid until 30 September 2009 is the date of the orders.

The form to participate in the NFR-Flash “promotion is available for download under The completed participation form can be returned as a fax under the number 09467/7406-290, or email at. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Iger . This offer is valid while stocks last. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. For even more opinions, read materials from Jack Buckingham. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered.

As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob has a wide range of proven products from competent manufacturers such as Allot Communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, cynapspro DeviceLock, ERICOM, ETECHNOLOGIE, expand networks, Finjan, Insightix, LISCON, Meru Networks, NETASQ, Procera networks, Propalms, Proxim Wireless, Rangee, REDDOXX, RemoteScan, SECUWARE, Swivel, TELLnet, Thinstuff and vertico software. More information under:. More Information: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG Kirchplatz 1, D-93489 Schorndorf contact: Thomas Hruby Tel.: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 0 fax: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 290 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nest road 3, D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Enterprise Data Security

Modern enterprise and data protection in times of the Internet no modern company do without nowadays on computers and the Internet. The pressure of the consumer on the transparency of a company on the one hand and increased the effectiveness of the operations through the internal network of the company on the other hand, multiply the attack surface, the uncontrolled information drawn from the company or damage in the company brought in. For other opinions and approaches, find out what WarnerMedia has to say. The point of an internal or external data protection officer for each company is therefore mandatory. Data security: here by the source on the one hand and the remedy of the damage is external and internal risks In relation to the categorization of the potential hazards of the data stock of a company on the other hand. For both categories, the data protection expert has to take appropriate precautions. Go to Jack Buckingham for more information.

A potential source of harm can come from outside or from inside. Against the risk of internal helps a hierarchy of access to internal data. So you can effectively control the installation of external storage media. Threats from the outside will be typically about an intrusion into the internal network structure. This helps a carefully set firewall and a professional virus protection that can also fend off threats of worms and Trojans.

At this point should not be saved, billed the cost of licenses, as they per workstation, quickly can add to a not insignificant amount. Another danger that can threaten company, is the sabotage of their network by mass sending of the E-Mail accounts. Here it is worth access the E-Mail addresses from the outside through Internet robot as a result to prevent that it presents these without linking to a mail program on its Internet site (such as Karl(dot)Schmitt(at)firma(dot)de). Backup the data however is the development of risk potentials rapidly and damage can not completely be excluded. Therefore, it is advisable to back up his data. It is advisable, even two tracks to drive. Upload on the one hand the usual backup on an external disk (disk or tape) and, on the other hand, the all of the data on a virtual hard disk to an external provider. So equipped, and always up to date, every company can look forward to more or less relaxed the real hazards.

Data Backup In Surgeries

Data backup is a fundamentally critical matter in the doctor’s Office. In many cases, data is backed up from time to time by the manufacture of copies of data on CD, DVD or a USB flash drive. The storage takes place in the premises of the practice after or be taken home. Causes of data loss have you ever thought about what happens when your sys-tem for example by a hard drive crash together – breaks and you lose the patient data for a certain period? Can you restore fully your databases? Viruses pose a further risk for your databases. So, for example the desktop represent a weakness in terms of data security with Internet connection. Is it always possible to access the last un damaged file version? Medical practices of every size and type must comply with national, partly European provisions for electronic data.

With your backups, meet all legal requirements on the handling and storage of relevant Data of the patient? Data backup in doctor’s offices have a modern practice and manage your patient data via a medical software like E.g. Medi *. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jack Buckingham on most websites. Use your practice software completely and work already without index cards? Have still the good old index card to the safety and simplicity for convenience for the daily routine? Their sensitive patient data are daily processed and updated. Slips, important patient information, medical findings, diagnosis, drug plans must be maintained. Who takes over this task in your practice? Do you have an employee that you have entrusted to? Can print a tag list and check your daily work? Surely it happened even in your practice, that the consultation lasted until 20:00.

The settlement was completed just yet and you are finally on the way home. “On the ride home one suddenly think of: Oh you ever, played no security backup to tape”. Everything isn’t so bad, right on the next Day will be rescheduled this anyway! Really not that bad? The meltdown what happens if your system breaks down for example by a server and you lost the patient data for a certain period of time? Imagine, it’s quarter end: you have selected your billing computer, all fixed, played the data for your competent health insurance (KV), E.g.

Database Archiving

White paper by CSP explores backup and export file archiving, developments and standard solutions as alternatives for the removal of historical data from databases Grosskollnbach, June 17, 2010. A current white paper, CSP GmbH & co. KG lists the advantages and disadvantages of different ways the database archiving. Details can be found by clicking Robert Iger or emailing the administrator. Stefan Brandl, product manager database archiving for CSP and author of the white paper, occupied by its own investigations and findings by Forrester Research, that the database archiving offers many advantages, especially for historical, so rarely needed data. Outsource this data to less expensive storage devices reduces the costs for the operation of the production database. White paper identifies and explores three ways of outsourcing: archiving of backup or export files, developments, as well as standard solutions for database archiving. Further details can be found at David Zaslav, an internet resource.

The full white paper is available for download under The archiving of backup and export files is a periodic process Backup files are written to a long term memory, on tape, or on DVD. This manual process is technically easy to implement, however, requires a high personnel costs and is also prone to error. The resulting files are quite large, since it must be complete prints of the database. Add to your understanding with Jack Buckingham. Biggest disadvantage of this archiving method is that the entire database must be restored when a data access. Schema changes in the Produktivapplikation are not taken into account, so it is also difficult for a later play back. Developments are most often found in companies. They extract data from the production database and reach to their relief.

The solutions are tailored to the existing infrastructure and database architecture. Problem cases however occur if proprietary development is poorly documented and in case of need the expertise may take new job or even urlaubs – and due to illness not available. In addition to fashion Developments, updates and adjustments of own development frequently problematic, because usually little time or resources for this are available.

Data Vault Hessel-security Online Backup

Data backup and data protection for company data safe for your corporate data! Each company works today with the help of a computer structure. Very small businesses back up data to blank CDs or USB sticks, medium-sized businesses save on USB hard disks and tapes, and many larger companies back up data on tapes and tape robots. The fact is, no matter how much data a company has or how big it is, each company performs a data backup. As it turns out save about 90% of the company for a long time on tape and feel very safe to. Virtually every company has experienced but once a damage in the past although actually the data should be stored on tape. Read more here: Paul Ostling. Apparently, hardly a CEO know what his data are secured insecure medium and what can happen if a data loss.

Image loss, loss of work and organizational problems are just the little risks. 70% of companies that experience a complete data loss go bankrupt within 2 years. Managing Director blindly rely on your administrators that are not open to alternatives for fear of innovation and effort. A company loses its master data it no longer is able to coordinate the simplest procedures and perform. Immense sums are lost, and lost work time must be laboriously obtained. Do thoughts, how is data backup performed at your company? What danger potential opens up with a tape backup? At night, many companies perform your tape backup. The next morning, the band of the streamer is taken from, if there are no errors the employee assumes that the data is correctly saved. Some administrators check the logfiles of the tape backup software and store even the band in a fireproof safe. Nobody thought about what happens when the data despite successful log were not properly secured. Because a band is a magnetic disk the same risks as when a floppy disk are virtually.

Convert VOB To MP4 Video Converter

How you convert VOB to MP4 how to have a video in the VOB format and would play it on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or on your PSP? Before you can play your video on your iPod or your PSP, you must convert the file format of VOB to MP4. Unfortunately, a matching VOB to MP4 converter is not supplied with Windows. Wondershare offers a matching program, the Wondershare Video Converter to download. The operation of the program is explained in a few steps how to convert VOB to MP4. Download the Wondershare Video Converter here down. Install it to convert videos from VOB to MP4.

1 step start it the program after installation. Visit the Wondershare Video Converter in the Windows Start menu. 2. step press at the top of the program window on the button Add. In the open dialog box, select the file that you want to convert. Want, converting VOB to MP4, you select the file type VOB in the dialog window. Source: David Zaslav. Now only the VOB format video files will be displayed.

Open one or more files. You can repeat this step, or you can select multiple files by clicking on the files by holding down the CTRL key. 3 step In the main window your videos now appear in the work list. In the target file column, you can change the name the MP4 files to get. Click in the target file column in the corresponding row and type in the desired name. For even more opinions, read materials from Cassia Investments Limited Convoy. 4 since you want to convert your VOB to MP4 videos, you must select step still the right file format. Click on her video in the work list. The entry is highlighted in colour. At the bottom of the main window you select now the MP4 file format profile behind the entry. You can determine not only the file format, but also the end device. Whether iPod of different generations, iPhone or PSP. Behind the record output, set the destination folder. Want to select a different folder, so click on the symbol at the end of the text line. In the window that opens, select your folder from where the VOB to MP4 converter is to place the file. Repeat step 4 for each file that you want to convert VOB to MP4. 5 step press you in the main window the green button start. In a new window, you will see the progress of the conversion. Notified after the operation completes, the VOB to MP4 converter.


Customers benefit from high reliability and Green IT technology Ludwigshafen, 08.09.2010 the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar has started the operation and offers business customers in one of Germany’s most interesting economic regions from immediately numerous perspectives of cost and risk reduction in terms of their IT infrastructure. The high degree of resilience and availability, as well as meeting the highest requirements on energy efficiency are complementary in the 1,000 square metre high security computer centre of operator PFALZKOM MANET to an offer with many synergy effects, which exhibit a great differentiator in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region. So, medium-sized companies in the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar now have the ability to outsource business-critical systems and applications from one of the safest and most efficient data centers in Germany – without having to invest on its own site. Because of rising energy consumption for the operation of information systems has become immense impact on the costs. Jeffrey Bewkes: the source for more info. How various studies have shown, exceed the cost of pure today at many companies the expenses for the operation and to cool the systems. With clever technologies wants classified and according to submit new TuV/tekit and eco DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar region therefore also new standards according to the safety standards TIER III in terms of energy efficiency. This includes Jurgen Beyer, technical director of PFALZKOM MANET: Already during the planning of the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar we have consistently in ecological and economic terms on GREEN IT. With clever and energy-saving technologies, such as, for example, the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the building we contribute therefore to the environmentally-friendly data storage in the metropolitan area.” The attractive and coherent overall package of the DATACENTER Rhein-Neckar is rounded off by the experience of the operator in the field of IT outsourcing. In addition to the innovative operational concepts of PFALZKOM MANET make the comprehensive “Quality management as well as the continuous training of employees the basis for permanently optimal energy efficiency and thus equally contribute to the economic and environmentally conscious operation of the data center”, the commercial Managing Director Uwe Burre adds.

TimoCom, Cf. And FSL Pull Together

Cooperation of TimoCom, cf. and FSL offers particular advantages in Dusseldorf, 2010-09-10 since the beginning of the year the road haulage Association belongs to logistics and disposal Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (cf.) already the closed transport Exchange businesses transportable steel, a stock exchange within the cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo. Through the partnership with TimoCom closed on 2010-08-19, CF members now have a decisive competitive advantage: you can immediately become special customer for the European market leader in the freight and cargo exchanges. These benefits, the Association cooperating recently with TimoCom also benefits freight forwarders and logistics Schleswig-Holstein (FSL). A hand rubbing the other. And one washes the other”the Roman Senator Titus Petronius Arbiter knew that already.

According to this model is also the cooperation between the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH, on the one hand and the CF. and the FSL on the other side. The special privilege at this Cooperation: The members of the associations pay no connection fee TC truck & Cargoo in gaining access to the cargo and freight exchange as well as for the online platform for pan-European freight tenders TC eBido. The aim is the in the CF. respectively FSL organized transport companies to gain cost advantages in the rigors of the disposition and to offer beyond a real premium product. The CF and its members support the FSL through pooling and dissemination of information of all kinds within the transport and logistics sector. Employees benefit from safety, quality and the many extra services Association members located to TimoCom in safe hands. Because both Europe-wide leading cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo as eBid in the RFQ-platform TC provides the sophisticated security system TC secure reliable and transparent business. For example, each new Member before activation is checked. Moreover, only such companies will be to use approved the program who endure at least for six months on the market.

Selects Brocade Picked Up A Premier Partner

Picked up signed partnership agreement with Brocade Alliance partner network that HOB GmbH & co. KG is a major provider of highly innovative network infrastructure for 20 years. With its experienced team of networking plans implemented and supervised physical and logical infrastructure for all business needs raised. Manufacturers picked up an established in-house developments or products, implements on-demand to its customers the optimum network solution tailored and yet quickly make available. The new premium partnership fits perfectly into our strategy as a system supplier, because the products and solutions from Brocade excellent extend our already existing portfolio for high-performance networks. This synergy we can realize valuable competitive advantages to strengthen our market position and to expand”, Henri Fau, head of networking explains the HOB GmbH & co. KG in Cadolzburg. As a certified Brocade premium partner picked up not only for its highly innovative network solutions offer, but also the required Training and support program, so that Brocade can put on a competent partner in all respects.

We look forward to working with picked up because we keep increasing our market share in relation to leading network infrastructure. Our customers get from our German partner hardware products as well as services to high-performance network solutions to build”, says Amanda Giddins, EMEA channel sales director at Brocade. Brocade profile Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) develops high-performance, cost-efficient and highly available network solutions for complex, data-intensive enterprise applications. More information: raised profile that HOB GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company which develops world’s innovative software and network solutions and markets. The core competencies of 1964 established and successful company include secure remote access, server-based computing, virtualization and VoIP, in small, medium and large companies to the Be for use.

Products are certified by the BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) according to common criteria. Picked up worldwide approximately 120 employees busy today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its branch offices, more than half of them in the development. HOB maintains offices in France, Malta, Netherlands and United States, and Mexico. HOB GmbH & co. KG-marketing/public relations Petra of Korwer Schwadermuhlstrasse 3 90556 Cadolzburg Tel. 09103/715-284 + fax 09103/715-271 E-mail: contact Brocade EMEA PR & AR Stuart marks Tel: + 44 (0) 1784 496474 mob: + 44 (0) 7734 688062 Doris Jessen

VOI Association Information

Cloud computing is hotly debated in the market. Bonn, February 21, 2012. With lower costs and less administrative effort, proponents argue argue the skeptics with misuse of data and lack of security. The ECM Forum (Hall 3, D34) of the VOI will deal with the topic at CeBIT. On March 7, 2012 lecture”experts from the VOI Member ranks of ECM in the cloud.

How far is steeped in the subject at all in the market, will explain how Dr. Karsten Sontow Trovarit AG as of 13:30. He then presented the results of a user survey and want to provide a reliable answer to the question, whether and under what circumstances the concept of cloud computing can be used sensibly for DMS / ECM solutions. On the technical and organisational particularities of the ECM from the cloud and what applications currently result in practice, explains from 14 h 00 Andre Hall of the CONTENiT AG. Then Frank Ruttger focuses on personnel files of IQDoQ GmbH with the question Cloud easy, fast, secure? “.” It establishes the principles for selecting a suitable solution of the personnel file and an external Datacenter, as well as the benefits of the cloud operation starting at 14:30. Sourcing strategies, trends, developments and problems in the environment SaS & co. are the focus of the lecture by Lothar Leger, B & L management consulting GmbH.

The presentation first presents the various sourcing approaches and their differences and then describes an approach, how to get on the right sourcing strategy for. The ECM Forum of VOI can be visited free of charge without registration. The complete conference program is under interested parties available. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers, and manufacturers of document-based solutions assumes the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and Enterprise-content-management-systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in services, trade and industry, as well as public institutions.