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DLA Gateway

All-in one appliances MF ensure comprehensive network protection Munich/Linz security gateway and AS communication gateway, October 21, 2008 the illegally acquired business data business is thriving. VoIP programs RIP vulnerabilities in firewalls. In modern networks, Web 2.0 applications and mobile disk form vulnerabilities. Given the current Internet threats such as malware, spam, phishing and industrial espionage, small and medium-sized businesses need an effective protection of your data to organisations. Under ground_8 (System, Hall B3, booth 328) with its new product line offers this security gateway and AS communication gateway MF.

The comprehensive solutions to protect of the entire infrastructure and E-Mail communication is characterized by numerous new features, with which defy corporate networks of current and future E-threats. The number of Internet threats is growing and they are becoming more sophisticated. The increasing emulation and virtualization of applications makes the tasks of security solutions more demanding. Malware obtained hidden, moving into the corporate networks viruses and co. in seemingly innocuous applications by voice applications or peer-to-peer programs. MF security gateway: protection against malware of the new generation therefore has underground_8 the next generation threat management for the MF develops security gateway. The combination of best-of-breed solutions from Intel, Kaspersky or cyan and specially designed, award-winning security provides protection against known as well as future pests.

The specially hardened, in-house operating system sniper OS with optimized kernel, such as routing, packet filtering and stateful inspection of the basic firewall functionality is used in the appliances. Due to the integrated stealth technology, the appliances are not recognized and offer no attack surface area for attacks. The MF security gateway discovered attacks-based content and hidden malware by DCI (dynamic content inspection), ASMX (anti-spam and malware detection Accelerator), and DLA (dual-layer antivirus), still before they can reach the network. While scanning the content happens in real time, without compromising speed or bandwidth of the network.

Nexsan Introduces New Archiving System For Storage-as-a-service Provider

Assureon 6.0 allows to provide service providers and enterprise archiving services on a rental basis Nexsan offers with Assureon 6.0 was the first manufacturer to market a highly scalable, specifically for use in storage as a service (SaS) providers, archiving system on. With the disk storage solution existing server hardware and the new version 6.0 of the Assureon software, this can their range of SaS services to content addressable storage-(CAS)-based archiving services expand. The integrated innovative CAS method developed by design allows for the first time to virtualize the system in an essentially unlimited number of physically secure archives. For each archive, a file system is created, allowing the data of from different customers from each other separately save on a hard disk. Maintaining the confidentiality of the information, increases safety and better overall the data are protected against unauthorized access.

The newest member of Nexsans family of disk-based archiving systems also works as all solutions of the company with the in-house developed energy-saving technology AutoMAID. This will reduce the power consumption in data centers hosting. Applications Assureon 6.0 is an ideal platform for all service providers and organizations that want to provide archiving services as a hosted service on the basis of the advanced CAS technology. The system meets the criteria applied to products in this category in terms of scalability, data protection, performance and price performance and lays the Foundation on which modern hosted storage service solutions build. Features at a glance data protection: individual user data can be physically separately stored in environments where for the archiving of information of clients one platform is used (multi-tenant model), on your system.

Scalability: Virtualized CAS can be extended easily and profitably. Performance: The number of archived objects is subject to any limitation, as is to be expected with no performance degradation. Green”: integrated AutoMAID technology reduces the energy consumption. Economical: The cost of archiving pay for themselves even with a larger number of users, due to scalability, reducing the cost to the storage capacity. Analyst opinion Terry McClure, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, considers mainly the lifting of the limitation, how many objects saved as a whole, for promising. As for service provider in the past, this meant that they had to install new systems every time when the specified limit is reached. Now you can expand your archive, despite the scale this is continued as a unit to manage. From the perspective of Terry McClure archives as-a-service offerings are interesting also for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), moving in highly regulated industries. Often they lack the know-how and the resources, the prevailing compliance requirements in accordance with long term internally to archive data. Applications see for example in the health sector and in the Financial services sector. In these segments, it is essential to comply with the strict regulations concerning retention periods and validity? Quote “companies of all sizes face the task, to reduce costs. To achieve this, they need to make more efficient operational processes. Moreover, rising energy prices force them to curtail their power consumption as well as their cooling needs. To achieve this, they decide increasingly, to access new services and to purchase software and storage applications to rent, instead. With Assureon 6.0, we first offer a SaS system that meets the requirements of the customers for high-performance, extremely scalable and secure archiving solutions fully. The new energy-saving, cost-effective design solution is suitable especially for permanently applied immutable data (fixed content) or long term information management.” Gregg Pugmire, Executive Vice President of business development, design

Clavister CorePlus 9.10 Enables Secure Virtualization

Swedish manufacturer’s latest generation of security operating system network on the market of Hamburg, October 16, 2008 the Swedish manufacturer of IP-based security solutions Clavister AB unveils the next generation of its security network operating system Clavister CorePlus 9.10. The Scandinavian company has further expanded the scope of services with the current version and is offering immediate support to virtualization as well as an improved traffic optimization. With the many advanced features of IP-based security system sets new standards for UTM solutions Clavister and distinguishes itself from other products on the market. At the present time, in the company want to save costs and make processes more effective through server consolidation, virtualization technologies are used with increasing tendency. The range of security solutions for virtualization is so far limited. Clavister is exactly here with its new network operating system: companies now have the opportunity, Clavister security gateway as a virtual Appliances with the use of VMware ESXi 3 to use as a conventional hardware or software appliances to adapt their network requirements. An increased network load resulting from the steady growth of enterprise applications such as VoIP and their connection to the network, new security-related challenges and can also cause uncontrolled consumption of bandwidth. Clavister’s new operating system includes a number of features to improve traffic, including Gigabit traffic shaping, IDP traffic shaping, route load balancing and SLB (server load balancing) server monitoring. \”Kurt Glazemakers, VP Engineering of the European business unit of Terremark worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: TAMANG), a leading provider of IT infrastructure services, explains: the new Clavister release enables us in our product portfolio to include state-of-the-art virtual security appliance offers, using our redundant and scalable InfinistructureTM platform.\” Andreas asander, Vice President of product management \”at Clavister, added: in addition to the environmental and economic benefits arising from the security virtualization, the platform enables the management of all additional features without increasing administrative overhead.\” More features at a glance: VoIP/SIP enhancements: new features offer more flexibility in terms of network scenarios, such as E.g.

Unified Communications Services From Fast Lane

Special check-up program to prepare for the integration of future-proof communication solutions Hamburg/Berlin, October 16, 2008 more and more companies recognize the benefit of a single IP-based network for voice, data and video. Often lacking the necessary expertise quickly and successfully to switch to IP communications. As consultant and training specialist in the field of unified communications fast lane helps clients develop of innovative solutions for the commercial use and integrated transmission of voice, data and video in convergent networks. Read more from Jeffrey Bewkes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the framework of the unified communications consulting specialist services acquires by fast lane the relevant economic considerations (ROI analysis), the analysis and design of IP communication solutions and the design of convergent networks. Also supports its customers with the technology and product selection to the page the IT expert and accompanies them during the implementation and the design of new services, applications, as well as pilot projects. Benefits of unified communications concepts a holistic approach in the area of unified communications brings many benefits: you will benefit from reduced operating costs by combining the different communication networks, as well as simplified maintenance and administration by a central IT administration for data network and telephony. In addition, internal call charges and connection charges can be reduced due to cross-site using the existing corporate network, as well as optimized communication processes.

In addition, optimizing the accessibility and service is feasible, which leads to improved customer satisfaction. The productivity is supported by optimum information availability and more efficient business processes and increased flexibility are achieved by combining the employee communication in any place with the data structures of the company. The PC becomes the phone based softphones with optimized operation. The introduction of a future-oriented solution also provides the ability Intelligent integration of other applications, for example, to automate certain processes. Unified Communications readiness check fast lane has developed a special check-up program, that after an in-depth analysis of the existing network shows, whether this is suitable for the usage of a unified communications solution.

Parlamat Optimized WAN Applications

Employee benefit October 17, 2008 indicating sysob together with his partners of expand networks VAD manufacturer of solutions for accelerating applications over the WAN (wide area network), the collaboration with Parmalat (PTY) Ltd through improved network performance to 300 percent Schorndorf, known. The workers in the production and sale of milk and dairy products company has implemented expand s WAN optimization technology. Parlamat significantly enhances the performance of its WAN and satellite connections, thereby also saves the cost for getting new upgrades to increase the bandwidth. Parmalat is instructed on the basis of its activities in the sector of the short-lived FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) on fast and secure communication channels, throughout the whole supply chain, marked by high competitive pressure. If you would like to know more about Jeffrey Bewkes, then click here. To ensure maximum network throughput, especially the latency and data storage problems had to, with which the company data transmission via the WAN in the past faced, be eliminated. The cost of the regular updates of bandwidth were unsustainable in South Africa, so that a new solution had to be found.

Igshaan Jackson, IT infrastructure manager at Parmalat, explains: in our company, we operate an ERP system with centralized reporting, as well as an Oracle replication using WAN and are therefore dependent on an appropriate bandwidth for all day-to-day operations. We have therefore quickly realized, that we need a solution that ensures the required capacity and ensuring the smooth running of our business.\” Following extensive live testing, Jackson and his team opted for the accelerator platform expand who had distinguished themselves by superior acceleration performance and QoS properties. Parmalat was immediately able to compress the traffic across the WAN and accelerate through the integrated WAN optimization technology. Building on the successful use of expand technology in the Organization in South Africa more problematic network areas in neighbouring Zambia and Botswana were deliberately Jackson. The restricted access of employees on applications due to high latency and data packet loss over satellite networks highlighted that the bandwidth availability for some Parmalat sites in Africa would be more problematic.

Fujitsu Siemens

In addition, custom shopping carts can be created and supplemented by individual services. Configurators help in putting together the desired systems. The offer is rounded off with an overview of the entire portfolio of REDNET AG. Walt Disney usually is spot on. The workflow functionality, online orders can be integrated easily into existing procurement processes. Visit the trade fair MODERNER STAAT in Hall 4 at the booth of Rheinland-Pfalz 145 REDNET. You will find more information about the fair at:.

Brief description: REDNET AG of the founded in 2004 IT Outfitters REDNET AG with its headquarters in Mainz may refer to its customers as a reliable partner for the planning, delivery, installation and management of the entire IT infrastructure to the page. REDNET offers a professional consulting and cheap as a trading partner of leading IT manufacturers such as Fujitsu Siemens computers, IBM, Kyocera, Lexmark, MAXDATA, Microsoft, NetApp and Samsung Procurement conditions for the appropriate hardware and software. The portfolio also includes individual repair, relocation, rollout and installation services and provides support in financing. REDNET also focuses on system consulting in the areas of storage, Systemvirtualisierung, and Terminal Services/server based computing and offers special solutions for the small business use. The personal care by competent contact persons and the online market place round off the extensive range of services. The customer base includes numerous authorities and institutions as well as companies of medium-sized companies from diverse industries. More information: REDNET AG Carl-von-Linde-Strasse 12 D-55129 Mainz contact: Tobias Freiwald Tel.

CodeGear Database

Unicode support in the IDE and the Visual component library (VCL), data from around the world can be quickly processed in an application. The modernization of the user interface is very easy thanks to an improved VCL control. Use the modern language features in Delphi as generics or anonymous methods, as well as early support of C ++ 0 x standards in the C ++ Builder save investment costs. Efficient and secure database applications can be developed through the separation of data and business logic with the new DatSnap. The Architect Edition also provides new insights into database structures through data modeling and visualization. CodeGear wheel Studio 2009 is available in three versions: wheel Studio Professional: application development with local database connection wheel Studio Enterprise: development of client/server and multi-tier database and Web applications wheel Studio Architect: offers additional powerful database modeling and design possibilities, prices and availability CodeGear is immediately wheel Studio 2009 in the languages English, French, German, and Japanese in the online-shop at available. By the same author: Robert Iger . The Professional Edition is from 1,399 euro per developer seat available, an upgrade from 649 euro. Special upgrade apply to users of Delphi and C++ Builder 2009.

Will ordered the software for research purposes or in large quantities, discounts are granted. More information at products/wheel Studio. More information under: about Embarcadero Technologies Embarcadero Technologies Inc. provides application developers and database professionals tools for the development, implementation and operation of applications, regardless of the environment. More than three million developers worldwide and 90 of the Fortune 100 companies trust CodeGear and DatabaseGear on the Embarcadero product lines, to increase their productivity, to allow an open cooperation and to bring new innovations to the market. Embarcadero was founded in 1993, has its headquarters in San Francisco and is represented with numerous offices worldwide.

Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia And The ECl@ss E.V. Agree On Cooperation

The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the eCl@ss e.V. Others who may share this opinion include Walt Disney. cooperation to use eCl@ss in the public procurement of Cologne, agree the 28.01.2011. The eCl@ss e.V. and the land of North Rhine-Westphalia have decided a partnership in a joint cooperation agreement. Goal is to use ECL@SS in electronic procurement processes in NRW, as well as the substantive expansion of the eCl@ss for the procurement needs of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the context of concentration of shopping, the so-called lead-buyer model is used in land management. In a facility of the country writes out centrally the demand for a particular product group for the entire State administration. The results of the tender be adjusted in a central catalogue.

The country managing procurement offices can order from this catalog directly from the suppliers. Since the catalogue opens up the possibility to release products only for specific groups of users, it’s goal to use this catalog for specific requirements of certain departments. The State of NRW intends eCl@ss both for the specification of the products in the context of invitations to tender as well as for the classification of the catalog data for future orders from the contracts to use. The agreement has national importance, because for the first time the cooperation is decided with a standard developer borne by the industry with regard to public procurement. It is based on the content development of the eCl@ss-Standards to the requirements of public procurement. Information on eCl@ss: electronic and automated communication in e-business in particular, the use of a “common language” is imperative, which is understood not only by humans, but also by the machine. With eCl@ss, for this is the internationally widespread and cross-industry standards-compliant standard for the uniform classification and description of products and services available.

Monitoring Implementation

Consulting portfolio of ITSM Consulting AG from the requirements analysis to operational best practices cover the decision and produce leaner projects Bodenheim, 06.04.2011 – ITSM Consulting AG supports companies with a portfolio of modular manufacturer-independent in the selection of tools for IT service management (ITSM) and the configuration management database (CMDB). The range of services ranging from requirements analysis to the operations and is based on many years of experience in evaluating customer-oriented market. It includes also standardized procedures and proven templates for a cost-reduction project implementation. For example, DAX listed companies among the previously serviced customers when choosing a tool. Long since not every tool is in the same way of any request”, Thomas Hartmann, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, pointing out the need for a customized selection. For this reason it must be clarified in addition to the definition of objectives at the beginning of which resources for the project available are and what organizational and process conditions must be met for a new tool.

Typically, this represents the first step in the process model. The experts of the consulting firm help practices using best this basic is recording so that based on the structure of the future can be planned. The analysis of the maturity of the process and the tool landscape belongs to this status assessment. The modular concept of evaluation of ITSM consulting following implementation stages include the next stages: requirements definition in technical and procedural aspects as well as preparation of the specifications; Preparation of tender documents for best practices for the selection of the provider for a proof of concept; Systematic documentation, implementation and evaluation of the results of the proof of concept; Development of requirements specification, consistently taking into account of the critical success factors; Monitoring implementation of test planning and consistent comparison with the specifications; Quality assurance at the end of the Project tests including an early-life-support phase, to ensure a smooth transition in the operation. Belongs to the weaknesses of evaluation projects often to be observed, that it underestimates the complexity of the relevant decision-making and implementation conditions”, problematizes Hartmann. His consulting experience that there is this not infrequently on the one hand tool choices that pass to the actual needs of the company.

On the other hand, you neglect criminally relevant factors about the orientation of the process or the subsequent costs. Also, often lack sufficient attention be given also the user acceptance and interface issues. There are unfortunately many examples where companies with considerable effort have introduced ITSM Tools, this then but have not been used because they have proved in practice unfit or had no resources for the operation is available,”reported the consultant from the practice. These bad investments to avoid is above all a question of the proven system.” The ITSM Consulting AG is an independent, internationally operating IT consulting company in the areas of process optimisation and organisational Consulting IT service management ITSM consulting. In addition, the core competencies include the effective and efficient management of IT organizations in the interest of timely and targeted IT governance. At the same time, ITSM Consulting AG is one to the few training houses accredited by the TuV for ISO/IEC 20000 and all ITIL V3 training courses in Germany. Also there is a close cooperation with the ISACA and corresponding COBIT training courses are offered.

Key-work Consulting GmbH On Tour

Key-work, the Hidden Champion in the area of business intelligence and marketing software presents at the mailingtage 2008 its solution, the enterprise marketing studio close customer contact. Karlsruhe 02.04.2008 – key-work Consulting GmbH, a specialist for marketing solutions and business intelligence, is represented with his team for the first time at the mailingtage 2008 as exhibitors. The trade fair for direct and dialogue marketing will take place from 18-19 June 2008 in the halls of the Nuremberg trade fair. Key work will present ems, the solution for marketers to the targeted customers, for successful campaign management, and comprehensive data analyses. With the unique combination of data warehouse, analysis, campaign and call center, the key work team presents a novel tool for strategic and analytical marketing modules. If you would like to know more about Time Warner, then click here. Each of these elements can be individually used. Whether it involves promotion, customer loyalty, customer acquisition, cross – or up-selling, marketing experts can now all their ideas immediately into action implement.

With ems, the marketing professional meets its customers even better (close) and offers them to the right products at the right time in the right medium. EMS is easy and fast to implement, for example, the topics of customer segmentation and market segmentation are already integrated. The advantages of ems: Planning, management, and analysis of marketing campaigns integrated call center management increased customer loyalty and subscriber acquisition cross selling and up selling that 2008 mailing days are very important for us since we all in the field of direct and dialogue marketing and CRM attract with ems. If marketing and sales to communicate directly with their customers get the clever support EMS”, explains Goksu Gunay, head of sales at key-work Consulting GmbH. The State of the key-work team is located in Hall 4A, number 403. For a personal appointment please contact the key work team at the following E-Mail address: or online at registration.

About key-work Consulting GmbH key work Consulting GmbH was founded in 1999 and has become an internationally renowned software and service companies. Software solutions and consulting services around the topics of direct marketing management, business intelligence, campaign management, customer loyalty, data warehousing, and product lifecycle management are offered. Key work has its headquarters in Karlsruhe.