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Work Colleagues

So, your attention is invited to a few very common types of office staff, each of which symbolizes an animal. Of course, the classification is far from complete, but to find familiar features of some of their colleagues can. Let's imagine that the office – is a zoo 1) Rooster. Says a lot, very much. Mostly to myself. Resent and without. Usually, the last comes to work, but the first runs for the paycheck. Always the brightest, the loudest.

Very fond of the opposite sex is not always true, one). Often the real sense at work from him is not too much, but try it to prove it. It is easily able to convince you that almost all the company keeps his fragile (or not) shoulders. And most interestingly, he believes it. Its distinguishing feature is a complete, one hundred percent, no one has an unwavering, unrelenting self-confidence does.

He is so arrogant, he does not consider it necessary somewhere seeks. Why? He did, and so the crown of creation. To learn a something new – the hardest for him. On the other hand loves to teach others. But in fact this man is full of complex (and who has not? =)) He can not tolerate someone's explicit advantage, and this quality can be used. To prove that he is the best, the Rooster will turn the mountain. Plus, often they're any good (at least in his opinion) in some form of creativity and corporate events Rooster turns into a firebird.