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Choose Contraceptives

Take hormonal contraceptives should be under medical supervision. Scientifically proven that most hormonal contraceptives reliably protect against pregnancy, and with proper selection can solve many problems. There is a state of the organism (eg, irregular cycle, painful and / or heavy menstruation, PMS, etc.), in which a woman is shown oral contraception. In addition, hormonal oral contraceptives help get rid of the negative manifestations of elevated levels of male hormones – androgens and cosmetic defects (seborrhea, acne), and excessive body hair. Every woman who chooses to elect this method of contraception, must pass a comprehensive examination. After all, as a rule, oral contraceptives (OCs) taken over the years, which means that the body will be subjected to daily exposure to micro-doses of hormones. Tips contraception.

Variety OK great, but that you choose the right drug, the gynecologist should send the patient to a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. Be sure to go through ultrasound breast, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system. For more specific information, check out Leslie Moonves. Then you need to do biochemical blood test for thyroid hormones, and blood lipid levels. Taking oral contraceptives, the patient must take the tests every six months, and also undergo examinations by a gynecologist and mammologist. Starting to take hormonal contraceptives, a woman sometimes receives some problems. For example, it may be a malfunction of the menstrual cycle, which is itself restored within 1 to 2 months. Many complain of discomfort such as headache, nausea (rarely vomiting). If a woman is likely to be overweight, your doctor will choose the drug that does not retain fluid in the body. Consult with your doctor.

Japan And Medicine

What could be more important for a person than the health and longevity? What is health – just a lack of outward signs of disease or a feeling of joy of life, deep sleep, inner peace? Modern medicine, with all its undoubted achievements, is engaged primarily treating illnesses when they have already acquired a definite form. The very form of economic relations implies the receipt of money for the treatment of disease. Prophylaxis and prevention disease is fully given to the patient. This approach is fundamentally different to that practiced in ancient China, where the family doctor (I mean, of course, about the imperial family and nobles families) stopped get paid, if any of his charges was sick. Payments resumed after recovery. What was the subject of his constant cares? That's right, prevention, timely diagnosis and removal of the smallest health problems even before their notice by the patient. You may find Jeffrey L. Bewkes to be a useful source of information. But most importantly – this, of course, maintaining the state of harmony with the environment, which was considered the basis of health and longevity.

For this purpose the complex calculations. Hours, were used for these calculations were the size of a multistory building and were the biggest mystery of the Celestial Empire. Frequently Robert Thomson has said that publicly. The essence of this approach is to explain human physiology with the laws determining structure of the Universe. Energy skeleton of a man is just a microscopic part of the energy of the skeleton of the universe. The term "energy" in the western interpretation, did not accurately reflect the essence of things, but rather on the role fit the concept of information, organizing and managing the matter. In fact, a kind of harmonious balance of energy and determines the state of health.

In the Japanese sources remain an interesting story about a family of centenarians. Once the Mikado asked to bring him the oldest resident of Japan. It proved to be one Mampe, which at that time celebrated 194 years.

World Smile Day

But everyone remembers the words of a famous children's song from the cartoon about the little raccoon 'From a smile. "It's a song many people know from childhood and remember the emotions aroused perhaps this good song. But with age, everyone starts to lower wonder how important this is the simplest and good-natured smile. Swarmed by offers, Brian Roberts is currently assessing future choices. Many are immersed in their work, each has its own problems, but few are able to rejoice at this very ordinary pleasures of life. Jeff Bewkes has similar goals. And admit it, these happy moments often occur when and forgot to think that such a simple human happiness.

Sometimes we just do not notice, sometimes we pretend that what happened is invisible is something that can not be very important, but what would please and bring a smile. Yes, it is desirable to form a serious and businesslike, as does the appearance of an intelligent and adult. And very few people take into account the fact that with a smile more chances to win a favorable man. In a society long ago established themselves opinion that a smile makes a person stupid to look at, but think about it because people with serious and important look on his face, too, can cause some ill will. And people can just take You for the angry and gloomy tipa.Poetomu smile still takes advantage of her many advantages that you stop to think about how the story sebya.I doing so tells you how your location. But there is such a holiday as World Smile Day, though unofficial, but it still has the right to call it a good mood prazdnikom.Ved success and schastya.Poetomu day should certainly be devoted to the smile and radosti.Da and notes it on the first Friday of October. Think about how important a smile is still in our lives. Give a ray of light to those who are near, and as in the song, the smile not even once come back to you.