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Spain House

Prefabricated houses are in many countries an alternative to the traditional, although in Spain House just be used, possibly because he has not given as widely known as in other parts of the world. To install a dwelling of these features, as well as a study on the spot where you want to mount, should see its viability. John Stankey is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There are places, which by weather emergencies, natural disasters like tornadoes or great floods, preventing the installation of this type of dwellings. These residences are constructed by Parties at the factory and are subsequently transferred to the space where you will install. The materials of construction of prefabricated houses are wood and plates. The main advantage in comparison with other types of building materials is its lower cost, without sacrificing comfort or the beauty of a traditional House.

The price of these homes depends on the meters of prefab. These can range from 25 euros/m2 (25,000 euros in total) to large houses that may have cost up to 300,000. Since the selection of materials to final finishing, is always thinking of the convenience and safety of tenants. It should not be forgotten that all the available technologies are used. Yes, the atmosphere of the home have to create what the inhabitants of the dwelling. Once installed the House comes time to furnish it. Firstly, without forgetting the rest, the bedrooms with a few good Flex mattresses, that make us feel the perfect loungewear.