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Be Loyal To Your Wife

A matter of always: Fidelity the validity and importance of loyalty has not gone trendy. On the contrary, they remain so as yesterday. Infidelity destroys marriages, injured people and us, produces a sensation of fatigue, dissatisfaction, and guilt. How many headaches would we save if we had the wisdom to measure our actions! Being faithful is a principle of life. A guideline for success, personal and family. God taught him through one of the most shocking prophets of antiquity, but not to be centuries ago, less important.

On the contrary, more valid today than ever. Another thing that you do is flood of tears the altar of the Lord; They cry and complain because he no longer pays attention to their offerings nor accepted by their hands with pleasure. And they still ask why. Therefore because the Lord acts as a witness between thee and the wife of thy youth, which betrayed even though she is your companion, the wife of thy Covenant. Perhaps not the Lord did a single being, that is body and spirit? And why are one single? Because find offspring given by God. So look after you in your own spirit, and not betray the wife of his youth.(Malachi 2: 13-25) It is time to reflect on what you are doing.

Perhaps nobody has learned. Moreover, nobody suspected maybe never, but you know Yes: is making room for disloyalty. And that inclination can lead to terrible consequences. Do not risk to her! children!Do not bring pain to your family! If you need strength, ask the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the best friend of the family.

The Collector

It only has a destination that it is the death, and in this departure for another world does not have possibility to take luggage, credit card, nor the least can go directing our proper car, the transport that is offered in them is of obligator use. But, nor everything in them is tax in this passage, can still take the souvenirs, the learning acquired in this life and the love that was directed in them by the people who had been part of our wonderful existence in this called school here Land. Then as suggestion it places in the top of the 2012 list: Goal n1 – To be a better person! I am certain that with this goal already we will only have an enormous work for the entire year, but in case that still let us want to establish plus some goals, it is important to remember to always prioritize the relationships, therefore through them it only is that we evoluimos and in fact in them we become better beings. To desire a good day gari that cedinho is working in its street soon, to offer a smile to the collector of the bus, to be gentile with the salesman of the periodical board, to be compassionate with the lying beggar in the sidewalk, to be tolerant with the assistant in the work, to be patient with the head who many times less knows of what you that executes the tasks, loving being with the family and mainly to pardon itself exactly for some imperfections that we commit every day, are some receitinhas basic that we can try in this experience of improvement. At this moment, everything what desire is that you have good reflections of end of year and good luck in the planning of 2012!