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Bonn MP

Stephan Eisel informed: location of Berlin leads to higher airfare as reported Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel, only 17 percent of official flights between Berlin and the metropolitan area of Cologne/Bonn caused by the distribution of ministries between Bonn and Berlin have. 83 per cent of service flights are “not sharing-related trips.” This follows from the response of the Federal Government to a parliamentary question of the honourable Member. Eisel said: “that with the legend’s final, the allocation of the ministries would produce many business trips between Berlin and Bonn. On the contrary, the vast part of the flight costs between Berlin and Cologne/Bonn caused by the great distance of Berlin to the densely populated region between Koblenz and the Ruhr area with its various institutions and Government partners. The costs arise from business trips, which have nothing to do with the two government sites. So more Ministry employee who moved to Berlin, produces more airfare.” How informed Eisel is entered in the federal ministries and agencies since last year, which business trips due to the two government sites take place (“Division due”) and which have other causes (“not sharing-related”). “Here Eisel’s question and the response of the Federal Government in the wording: 146/July the members Dr Stephan Eisel MdB wonder: how much was the proportion of so-called non-Division-related to the total volume of the”Federal Aviation”in the views of the Government sites in Berlin and Bonn” and the so-called “split-related flights”? The Federal Government’s response: “of the 139.713 flights of the year 2008 was 115.535 (82.7%) on non-sharing conditional and 24.178 (17.3%) on split-related travel. In the first half of 2009 61.907 (85%) were of the 72.813 flights overall Division-related travel attributable to non-Division-related travel and 10.906 (15%).”

Telecommunications Institute

In 1984 he graduated 10 classes of high school. You may wish to learn more. If so, Joel and Ethan Coen is the place to go. From 1985 to 1987 GG served in tank units of the Leningrad Military District. In 1991 he graduated from Telecommunications Institute on a specialty “Automatic telecommunication.” From 1991 to 1993.

Zhabin worked as a chief mechanic of construction – assembly department. From 1993 to 1994. worked as head of the warehouse Stations Services a / m “Moskvich” in Tambov. In 2000 he graduated from Tambov motor transport school. He is married and has two detey.Zhena Zhabina Olga, the eldest daughter of Juliana Zhabina 1993 p., The youngest daughter Daria Zhabina 2000 p. Father Stanislaw Zhabin M.

born in 1936, a mechanical engineer, currently retired. Mother Zhabina Zoya I. b. 1941 engineer textile production is now a pensioner. Individual entrepreneur since 1994, currently led by private enterprises of housing and communal services, the Rasskazovo, the Tambov region. OOO “Raskazovskaya Environment Company” (collection, disposal, recycling of solid waste), public baths in the neighborhoods, “Malschina” and “Arzhenka.” Supervises the work of service stations and of state technical control of vehicles. He worked as an assistant deputy in the State Duma of the third and fourth convocations. Deputy Rasskazovsky Council of People’s Deputies of the two legislatures, elected chairman of the Standing Committee on Industry, utilities, transportation, communications, land management and business development. In the parliamentary work of the inherent heightened sense of justice for all categories of residents, especially the poor, children and pensioners.