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United Kingdom

In addition, a sustainable building demonstrably improved the working conditions for workers: they are healthier and ultimately more productive. In addition to these physiological aspects has the sustainable office or manufacturing building, but also a psychological advantage: the company is outside as particularly environmentally conscious and responsible as and becomes increasingly interesting for qualified applicants. From the niche to the standard but to establish the sustainable economy of real estate in all areas, all factors must agree and mesh. The EU therefore relied on a mix of measures from the regulation of the construction and operation of buildings (building codes, Energy performance certificates, etc.), the market intervention over taxes and environmental policies (energy tax, subsidizing sustainable investments), the stamping of the public awareness and the exemplary go ahead with the construction of sustainable buildings by the State itself. To deepen your understanding Coen Brothers is the source. Whether client, investor, tenants, or contractors for each are other criteria significantly, to give priority to sustainable building. Therefore, there are systems that are transparent and comprehensible to review a building an absolute necessity. As the eco-label, type III provides the required basis the environmental product Declaration (EPD) of the Institute of building and environment (IBU) for these systems. First steps for Office and administration building are done with the introduction of the seal of approval DGNB and NBB.

Furthermore, incentive programmes can contribute in the long term to increase investments in sustainable real estate of all kinds. The posting of the energy performance certificates as it is the case, for example, in the United Kingdom can also be a behavior change at all Cause involved. Either way: sustainable real estate are the future of economic and ecological point of view and will be the inevitable default sooner or later.

Real Estate Financing

Also in anticipation of rising interest rates (and therefore higher financial burdens in the wake of a) Real estate financing) it makes no sense to allow basic decision criteria – only so that it can negotiate fast still more favourable terms. It is of utmost importance, the available equity is how much and whether there is a secure income. Corresponds to the own ideas the possible object really? Can be saved by waiting more equity and other possible objects compared? Current rental burden and may later strain from financing in addition to running costs are comparable? Every man for himself must answer these questions and accurately calculate, if worth the step for him. Not be forgotten this course may, that expenses for a lease are in principle “lost”. Expenses used to finance an own real estate, however, inflation-safe pension. The loan is later extinguished, can be lived in the age even without rent or interest charges just the running costs (E.g.

electricity, water, etc.). In the Case a case serves the real estate property of also financial security. This value is less vulnerable to fluctuations in capital market or interest rate crises. Conclusion real estate property serves the retirement plans and provides rent-free housing. The financing necessary in most cases should be well planned.

Even if the interest rates for long-term loans show again – how up to date – an upward trend, such “radical” decisions should not frantically performed. All important decision criteria (including E.g. available equity capital or the income situation etc.) need to be well thought through. The decision in favor of a certain object, is the conclusion of funding should however not too long delay.

Upstairs, Downstairs… The Success Model Is Terraced House To The Store Keeper

Current study of PPM AG concludes: provider of terraced houses mostly ignore modern clients modern wishes put on convenience and travel. The readiness to subordinate constraints within your own four walls has waned rapidly. Accessibility is always more naturally provided by tenants and buyers. A recent study of in the Rhine-Main region-based PPM AG illustrates on the example of the House type “Townhouse”, how much they buyers and sellers now have grown apart. Time Warner is full of insight into the issues. With 98.2 percent of the houses offered for sale and planned, the customer expectation is ignored free living after barrier. The astounding no longer written some brokers in the face, if potential buyers who are visibly younger than 40 years old, whose missing accessibility claim to the appointment of the townhouse. Favored by a relevant presence of the topic in the media the knowledge has prevailed in the population, that modern living also must be comfortable living.

Triggered by this data an awareness was created in the early 1990s gradually that a rapidly aging population would go hand in hand with an increase in movement-impaired people. First newly created norms and standards were established in the public space and gradually followed by manufacturer (for example, bathroom supplier) of everyday products and modified its range of products for private customers. Twenty years after the accessibility encounters a much broader audience than she originally addressed. “Whether it’s the expensive mountain bike, which is supposed to in the living room, or whether it concerns the handling of beverage crates, whether the transport of small furniture plays a role, or whether extensive week end in purchases are a theme: no circumstances to make the transport and easy” be. In the face of such claims fall living situations in the off, it can’t keep up. Above all the formerly so townhouse popular, in its conception almost the Anti-model to the barrier-free living is.

A well-founded study specialising the current data of the August market 2010 on real estate marketing and in the Rhine-Main region PPM AG makes it clear on how much moving provider of terraced houses now away from their traditional demand market: only 1.8 percent of new houses nationwide offer free offered barrier. While it was common in previous years, parallel to the sales phase to make the construction of terraced houses, only 1.9 percent of the offered townhouses (brand new) are actually accessible and thus completed. Other items for sale are “projected”, the one or the other details could be changed still at the request of the new owner. 98.2% of this planned townhouses accessibility but is not noticed by the Scheduler, yet feasible. Remains terraced houses can be an ideal solution for their residents. The prerequisite for this is, that in the modern Living fit. Only a few providers have so far realized that include criteria such as higher ceilings, modular floor plans, flexible partitions and not to last, as she is “Barrier-free” status, will decide whether they will continue to successfully participate in competition a higher comfort. Wish you would, that help would be offered the “old” homes and their owners. As townhouses in new settlements of the last fifty years have taken a more or less distinctive character, whole streets of danger are exposed to lose its attractiveness as a residential area. And, although the existing infrastructure, would have to exhibit still potential for mourning people of interest. First signs of this kind are apparent, if the original owner for reasons of age leave her house must or die and new residents can not be found.

The House

Therefore the seller should know at least as much about the market section, like its search customers. Otherwise disqualified himself the very quickly and is not longer taken seriously as a professional. According to the typing of the lifestyles we have worked out aspects that make up the respective coveted highlights and we now examine what has it to offer the sale object directly or indirectly. As a medium-sized garden can not but be attractive for a family with children, if situated too far away to reach kindergarten or school offerings. In this respect can in the matching with the criteria of the type of the Garden may be a penalty, or he correlates with a target group, the garden as Lifestyle criterion (Pilcher-garden, garden parties, kitchen garden, etc.) would appreciate. The target groups match then determines what styles (photo selection, descriptions, text style) we offer the House, in whatever form we do and where we go directly to potential buyers. Click Robert Iger to learn more.

That sounds in my ears after a lot of work. “Not only in terms of the actual real estate search, but in particular in terms of exciting matching real estate man”. It would be there not easier, it leaves it to classic the interested parties what he wants to do with a real estate? We do not require the new owner what he can do with the real estate. “It comes that the seeker from the marketplace of offers, always documenting in the single collection of varied and blended highlights” praise from some live even by the reduction and let that much away any chance has to orient itself efficiently. We know of many customers who have visited with us that they our Approach has pleasantly stunned. Most telling of how unhappy they the foraging of searching”makes, which can be then in the complete opposite direction, yes partly in outrage to swing their positive mood before the start of a tour.

Real Estate Management

So, the correct use is guaranteed. Their complete stock of real estate, for example, the city of Hannover and the Saarland of the CalCon have capture group and write a review. Originated epiqr from the cooperation of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft with six European research institutions. The CalCon group is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, now exclusively developed the software and marketed. Investment decisions are based on accurate information in the meantime the CalCon has epiqr about 100 million square metres gross floor area captured group in Germany and assessed. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Robert Iger and gain more knowledge.. See the contracting authorities, districts, municipalities, for large industrial companies as well as housing associations, cooperatives and real estate agencies.

Consciousness has prevailed in recent years with more and more, real estate need to be actively managed and assessed. Building and land were previously”untouchable Crown jewels, they are now a natural part of an investment strategy. For this to be neutral, low-cost and rapid assessment tools required. About the CalCon group CalCon is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP and deals since the year 1999 epiqr the development and marketing of the process. The company arose from a research project of the European Community, which should enable a uniform assessment of existing buildings.

At the end of the EU project, the Fraunhofer IBP developed the procedure. Epiqr Software GmbH, the CalCon Germany AG as well as the CalCon engineering company are integrated into the holding company mbH. The company of CalCon group objective is to implement the results and findings of research and development projects for the optimisation of existing real estate with regard to economic, ecological, but also socio-cultural criteria throughout Europe practical and economically. Jorg Rabiaa M.A.