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Real Estate Transactions Giving

Once a rich and important Uncle Frank decided to give his nephew a country house near the big lake and the lovely mountain views. As soon as he came up such a great idea, he alerted his nephew about this and that some time later moved to its new home, and lived as if nothing had happened, until Until one of the cloudy autumn day my uncle died. And then began all sorts of troubles. Turned up his wife's uncle and a great number relatives, who also laid claim to the house, they began to exclaim: "Why suddenly, this is your house? Uncle Frank gave it to you, huh? And why we do not know? ". Checking article sources yields Robert A. Iger as a relevant resource throughout. Nephew lost his head, long sought help from lawyers who have not yet realized that Uncle Frank was supposed to issue a document called a deed of gift, and thereby secure the rights to this ill-fated nephew's house In my legal practice I have many years to come across such cases. Question clearance dedication is quite complex and often misleading, and describe the issue continuous text would not be easy. So I decided to be easier and cite as an example a few cases, issues, that people treated me. The first case A good friend of mine wants to issue gift certificate to the apartment to his cousin and sister. He lives in Moscow, and the apartment is located in the suburb of Novgorod. Hero Our stories are wondering where you can, gift certificate, and what data are needed for its execution? It's very simple – you can make a donation contract in any city, but to register the contract with the Federal Registration Service should be at the location of real estate – in Novgorod.

Agency Contracts

The fourth stage – a contract with the agency and advertising the apartment. Contract with the agency, in principle, was a standard, except for the curves' wording of the provisions relating to agency commission for the service (see below). However, advertising an apartment on the agency website, in our opinion, left much to be desired – it's too impersonal it was. Comparing the advertising of new houses (and apartments in them), placed on the Internet and the media, we can say that the secondary flat (except for exclusive) advertised poorly. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tribune Media Company. Indicated two or three parameters of interest a potential buyer (putting myself in his place), but did not provide enough information to compile its list Priorities for inspection. In other words, to correct 'apartment, he can not reach.

His energy and time is not enough – all it will take to visit and trade with other owners. However, despite this, within a month was found buyer, willing to buy an apartment and pay a deposit. I must say that from the beginning we refused to sell the apartment buyers with mortgages. Recalling his experience in home buying on a mortgage, I can admit that I was sincerely sorry for our a seller who is the largest foreign construction firm. Masterpiece of absurdity when you make a transaction was the demand of the notary to submit to him a copy of the shareholders of this company authorizing the sale of the apartment to us (the company's shares are traded on the open stock market, and the amount of the transaction is insignificant in comparison with the value of its assets). .