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Radio waves are electromagnetic waves, which can have a wavelength between 10 cm and 100 km and be used for the targeted transfer of information. The existence of these waves was already proven Hertz (1857-1894) by Henry. Tesla but understood something else under space energy U.S. Patent No. 685.957, which he announced in 1901, had an apparatus on the subject, with which he wanted to absorb space energy, to convert them into electrical energy. What he meant exactly, is up to today not transparent. Also you not exactly know why Tesla seriously at that time existed before the professional world, to have made already in 1899 to extraterrestrial contact.

Tesla’s idea of a world energy system”, which could be generated and used by each person had no scientific man was knowledge on the basis of quickly realized that he was only theories about the metaphysics, however, could not prove. Other leaders such as Dell COO offer similar insights. “Tesla should have at the time even tried to drive a car with a 1.80-meter antenna, with which he free energy” wanted to receive from the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the efficiency of this idea proved as ISOs – nor as repeatable. What is a Perpetuum mobile? A Perpetuum mobile is a hypothetical construction that needs to be used once only in response to stay then continually on the move. There is this a never ending power generation would be safe. However, perpetual motion contradicts the movement of energy conservation. Energy is here in a sense by itself so the idea”produced.

But energy”is itself only a process of conversion – they can not occur, without that it was created in a different form. Referred to as Perpetuum mobile you thus a machine that has an efficiency of more than 100 percent they supplies not only itself, which is necessary for their operation, but overcomes loss of energy (by friction about). This can not materialize however.


Dream translator – absolutely new product for better communication between man and woman today starts the distribution of unique unit dream translator, which reveals the desires of every woman. This isn’t about the wishes that proceed in the romantic thoughts or pose as the film-maker. Checking article sources yields Genpact as a relevant resource throughout. On the contrary, dream translator has precise ideas regarding this question to none by great artists could give answer today. Not for nothing, this device is called a “Translator for women”. It allows the true state of the partner in the communications, among them in the intimate sphere.

The translation is performed by artificial intelligence and includes an extensive database of milling, raised in different circumstances in each level of communication in different life situations. The more often the appliance is used, the more it can store data and respond better to the specific features of the pairs. The technological basis is to mention extra. The basis is a program that is built on the ideology and the principles of artificial intelligence. It enables the self-learning and application in different situations. CA has much experience in this field.

Admit, it’s been extraordinary, if the abstract piece of iron gives us instructions for the life. The device “knows” all sensations of the partner and is able to report. Of course, it is not redundant. On the contrary, it can remind you of the skill in the intimacies that was supplanted by the civilization in the course of many years. Without a doubt, the device is a solution for the person who first met, and therefore still not enough from each other. But the married couples with experience can benefit from them. Dream translator was developed by the use of information technology and space technology and allows the maximum satisfaction in such a sensitive area of human relations as intimate. Set description: There is one for men and one for women of two bracelets.

The Manned Mars Landing: An Upcoming Event?

The space powers, notably the United States, boast with a new objective of the space: A space of infinitely many stars, planets and black holes. During the cold war, the space was a very popular area, it was highly regarded and tried always to surpass themselves. After the moon landing will be discussed after next, spectacular performances in the humanity: the Mars landing. When the American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever walk on the Moon in 1969, he made history. Armstrong has been a true pioneer”in human history. At that time, an arms race of the two powers United States and Soviet Union took place. Today it is a shadow of the past few days. Still the next planet in the sights: the Mars.

The red planet is the Earth, so us, is the closest. A landing of robots is already done. So also a manned landing on Mars could be feasible. “After the year 2012 curiosity” (german curiosity”), a sophisticated robot on Mars landed, he since then trying to find traces of human life on the planet. Therefore, a lot of tools available are him.

Curiosity”is a great success of the NASA, because previously landings on Mars, failed by the ESA probe, and no one heard more of them depending on a signal. With the time, space in the Western world increasingly important but lost because the previously leading country United States was deterred by enormous problems (E.g., depression). Only a statement by US President Barack Obama (a Manned Mars landing I will experience yet”) provides for enthusiasm. But a trip to Mars is difficult, one year there, astronauts would need roughly with the shuttle though simulations are often rehearsed. By China’s entry into the space exploration (were”), it may be interesting.

Merck Group

Therefore was the renowned organization of Merck in the summer of 2009 with the Silver Award for the display component of the year”for the development of its PS-VA materials out. For more information about PS-VA materials and other high-performance liquid crystal mixtures of Merck for LCDs on and more about the history of the development of TV and-bildschirmen, and, read how Merck became the market leader, in the Explorer magazine under Explorer magazine. “M-the Explorer magazine” is the online magazine of Merck in the style of a news portal in German and English. Interesting and credible researched topics give an insight into the company. The articles are supplemented with multimedia elements such as video clips, photo galleries and podcasts. About Merck Merck is 7.6 billion euros in 2008, a history that began in 1668, and a future to the approximately 33,000 employees in 60 countries make a global pharmaceutical and chemical company with total revenues. The success is characterised by innovation of entrepreneurial thinking and acting employees.

Merck’s operating activities under the umbrella of Merck KGA, involving the Merck family indirectly to about 70 per cent and free shareholders to 30 percent. in 1917, the former U.S. subsidiary Merck & co. was expropriated and is completely independent of the Merck Group since then. Contact (company) Merck KGA, Frankfurter Strasse 250, 64293 Darmstadt Nina Diergardt PR management communication chemicals Tel.

The Associated

35V. ger/pr-oi.html the OR8 in the euro card format is more than a highly universal Optokopplerkarte for eight voltage inputs in the range of 5-30V. Higher voltages can be also about 8 relays and switching currents up to 60V or 6A. The digital inputs, as well as the supply of 9-40V or 5V, connected via screw terminals. ger/pr-or8-r8.html supplied with the accessory for mounting on top-hat rail is included. TTL-compatible signal to the measurement and control system are two cards to a D-sub 25 socket can be connected.

Especially comfortable using the opto in combination with digital I/O-system USB-PIO of bmcm is suffice for the connection, because a standard D-Sub cable. certainly a practical solution and completely undisturbed: opto of bmcm for digital applications. # BMC messsysteme GmbH Hauptstrasse about BMC messsysteme GmbH BMC messsysteme GmbH as an independent GmbH founded in 1994 with headquarters in Maisach, about 30 km west of Munich. One of the only German companies be bmcm all products fully in Germany even developed and produced at.

Measurement products of BMC messsysteme GmbH are the PC for quality “Made in Germany”. Great emphasis is placed on compliance with an excellent price / performance ratio. Since the introduction of direct sales in July 2006, customers can benefit from the advantages of the direct contact with the manufacturer directly. The BMC messsysteme GmbH uses the following business fields: * measurement components and PC measurement technology * a wide range of connection systems, measuring amplifiers, measurement cards includes (internally and externally), “all-in one” measuring systems, data loggers, and the corresponding Software for the display, storage and analysis. ger/prgr products.html * D2M (design to manufacturing) or OEM products * BMC messsysteme GmbH develops and produces electronic components according to customer requirements. You will receive high quality products produced since early 2006 after the “RoHS directive” – ger/co-d2m.html always with appropriate documentation and the associated CE testing, of course. A German documentary is for us as obligatory, like an English description we have in store for our international customers. D. Hilliges.