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Federal Corporation

Now we are going to give an impulse. Robert A. Iger has much experience in this field. We are going to change of march . As if outside one American fair, where the people can buy articles to very under value, the BBVA walks revoloteando by the USA to the search of tempting supplies. According to Wall Street Journal, Gonzlez visited the president of the Federal Corporation of Insurances a few months ago of Deposits of the United States (FDIC), Sheila C. Bair, to make sure that it had them to the agency in mind at the time of selling assets that receive from American banks in suspension of payments. The BBVA for years it has been operating in the USA. In 2004, it bought Laredo National Inc. Bancshares to take advantage of the great Latin population in Texas and a height in the remittances towards Mexico.

Two years later, it absorbed two small banks of Texas. In 2007, the organization bought by US$ 9,600 million Compass Inc. Bancshares, a bank of Alabama that owns 650 branches. In the first semester, BBVA registered utilities of 85 million Euros in the USA, 48% less than a year before. Although the investments in the USA have not given until the moment the waited for benefits, the organization is very hopeful on the future of the operations in the country. Perhaps many organizations labeled to the BBVA like boring bank, since instead of to comprise of the celebration of it prevails and the derivatives, preferred (partly, also by regulation), to stay in the good way of the traditional activity of the banking organizations that is the pick up of deposits and the granting of credits. Nevertheless, the time has given the reason him and now it goes by the revenge. For Carlos Peixoto, analyst of BPI in Portugal: (BBVA) is one of the great winners of this crisis .

Technological Virtue

They walked one to each side, while Galeazzo was become absorbed in thought in the teologal virtue of the charity (only from the theoretical frame, the one of texts canons or perhaps, if a little hurried, the one of homilies), when seeing several children dressed in abraded clothes hung of the hands of its mothers (or that seemed at least), with the enormous watery eyes nailing inconceivable glances to him. The vehicle that approached was lead by a subject with dock worker aspect. The voice was as a sandpaper, the insolent and ratonil glance. Without hesitation Emory Health explained all about the problem. Already in the highway, profair curses against the other conductors clogged in the beginning of the matutinal turnpike. A scent to grass just cut entered by the abierta window of the car. Galeazzo imagined an enormous prairie where cows with enormous udders grazed. Any unconscious relation with early ages or the first spyings of sexuality of the wise person was diluted quickly moved by sudden incursions of formulas garabateadas on an imaginary sheet of paper.

Across of the city, in the fifth floor of a modern building, Balthasar Hicsos and Juan Trastevere they were prepared for the encounter with Galeazzo. Words, frowning and concentrate imagined sparing of; it is possible that they succumbed to the temptation to consider it forgetful and until clumsy. Doctor Maggen is in a closed enclosure, everything of target he and walls. As this story has mentioned the time in some preceding paragraph and because possibly that idea magazine of importance in the subsequent ones, we dilute the route of the automobile that slid from the airport. We locate to him in the parking, underneath a naked light, in front of a signboard where it has been drawn shoots with an arrow that it indicates towards the left. If it is wanted we listen to the portazos, the steps, certain murmur shared between Washington and Rodriguez.

Once Money

The money is infinite: How? At first moment it sounds illogical, but without a doubt that thus is, you you must know now that the manufacture of money obeys to the level of production of a country, how much new we can produce? Then it has infinite possibilities, furniture, vegetables, fruits, songs, books, fashions, programs, Then etc. you must be conscious that the money is in the mind of the people, if in some sides it is not observed is because people internamente are convinced of the opposite thing. The money invigorates the economy: It enters more people are convinced of the then abundance the quality of life improves generally, that is the secret of the developed countries. The money does not clear to him to anybody: when you produce something new, for example a quality program, then has contributed something new, is not clearing to him to another one, but it generates major abundance and that is logically translated in the good results for the companies and a repayment for that makes the contribution. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert A. Iger . We could continue writing an enormous amount of arguments and I assure that they are possible to be turned into thousands of pages, on the other hand if you to him you begin to question itself if these affirmations are valid then continuous perpetuating their negative belief around the money and that is one of the main reasons by that in many places the shortage appears, is not that the world is thus but it is a consequence of its internal expectations.

Once you have a series of positive associations in his mind on the benefits of the money, now it is necessary to stimulate its senses in order that the abundance ideas are taking more force, in the powerful subliminal videos, you you will program the money in its life, these videos are designed with special images, sounds and messages in order to hit in its subconscious mind, to the time passage will help him to surpass the negative beliefs with respect to that the money is not good. It is necessary to stress that he is not the same the conscious reasonings that the ideas in our interior, are possible that you are convinced that the arguments mentioned in this article are correct but in the deep thing of its being it has other beliefs, its mission is to fight to change that perspective, and this only can be obtained with an enormous insistence, when doing it then it will have changed of state and it will undergo the things that at some time were moved away of its life. Original author and source of the article..

Citizen Commitment

This it is the dilemma which the blue party faces. On the other hand the independent hope I dye myself of the color represents that it. The green party demonstrated, once again, that opinion and machinery can work perfectly for a common objective. To the favorable opinion of his three leaders it is necessary to add his respective political bases to him in the capital of the country, that united obtained the obtained result. They became a power option that entered to affect the results of the second return by its triumph necessarily Bogota, key niche in the presidential elections; and in addition and almost without waiting for it, they moved and they defeated to the other independent option. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Discovery Communications and gain more knowledge.. Citizen commitment, obtained its results not by the figure of its candidates, nor by " fondo" of its proposals, but by " forma" in which they were perceived by people. Its political strategy was without a doubt product of a terrible consultant’s office that did not know to interpret the national political reality, but mainly regional.

The results in Antioch and Medelln demonstrate then these to it were the main niches of voting of this movement. The desdibujamiento in these elections will repel in the results that can obtain in the first return, if by all means they are not corrected before the same, because the main one harmed has been its presidential candidate, who is perceived like the person in charge of the happened thing. It is more, which happened in Citizen Commitment is an evident sample that the political bases are indispensable for the sustenance of any aspiration, in this case, of national character. Nevertheless, the great surprise was doubtless the result obtained by the Liberal Party. Without being able 12 years in the last, without bureaucratic representation, worn away to be in the opposition, without a charismatic leader like whom always in they characterized it to a past and with the expectation of widely being surpassed by the parties of the government coalition, Liberalism manages to strain itself enters the three first and with the clear option and needs to affect the presidential elections definitively.

Papa One

-Towards where one went? – I do not know it. As soon as you arrived disappeared. -One will have eaten? asked Dieguito. The mother was tying ends. Thierry Pellegrino may find it difficult to be quoted properly. An old dress of target that appeared in certain cases. This time she was the one that felt distressed. Its tone was autoritatio.

-Vmonos! The mother moved away of the bank with a boy in each hand without a glance to the olive tree. One did not dare to confess to them that it also had seen him. Several times and in different sites, in particular near the district. Raised between the branches of the tree the old man it saw them leave with a jab in the soul. All had forgotten to him. Their memories returned One night of celebration in the villa of its brother. Dieguito finished turning a year.

Three together generations, forming a Great one Family like the one of the cinema. Appetizer, lamb, pies and marzipans. Beer, came, champagne and residue. Too much for anyone. – Papa, llvanos to house. Jaime has drunk much. He must have denied. He was at night and he had frozen. The gusty wind carried snowflakes. The old man lead alongside with the son-in-law. Behind her daughter with both young went. Dieguito had fallen asleep. Between the Mununa hands it took peluche of his brother. – One had fallen to him, – it was justified to become the great one it recovered when it of the ground it tightened and it against his lap. Curves and wet asphalt. Suddenly, the lights of a truck in the nocturnal mist. A sharp turn to avoid it. The railing of the border jumped in pieces. The car fell to a precipice, hurrying against a rocky crag. The grandfathers gave a last sharp turn, conscious of his sacrifice. The rock squashed the nose of the car by the left side.

The Cult To Satan

It has been written much on satanic cults, to demons, on the existence of a supernatural force of the evil. Many films have been made furthermore to show the devil or demon in action. Diabolic possessions, infernal beings, looking for all always to maintain in the mind of the men the idea that alive the evil exists and that acts in the middle of the men. The majority of the religions worldwide always indicates the existence of a God of the evil. Qualcomm Incorporated is full of insight into the issues. A spiteful spiritual being, who perverts to the race humna. Thus we have in the Scandinavian religion Loki is the God of the evil, in the Egyptian is Seth. In Persian religion AHURA MAZDA it is Creative God and judge, whose omnipotence, nevertheless, one is limited by the existence of Ahriman, principle of the evil.

In the antiquity the serpent is symbol of life, wisdom, fertility, eternal youth. And she was adored. In the Christian religion this is said that to the evil represented by Satan. But who I believe Satan, also well-known like Lucifer? It did it to God I create, according to say it the sagradas writings. We see: " When Satan originally was created, it was an angel of God. It was a member of the class of querubines, santo, wise person, beautiful, and perfect. He was the leader between querubines and is called " guardin" or querubn " protector". Its name was originally Lucifer who means " carrier of luz" Then we can conclude that Lucifer or Satan is son of God.

It was adorned with gold precious stones linked (Ezequiel 28:13; Exodus 28:15 – 11). A position in the sagrada mountain of God was given to him and apparently it guided the adoration (Ezequiel 28:13). Shining what, and beautiful picture of Satan in their original position is given in the Word of God.

Don Quixote

Of there to little, it discovered Don Quixote to a man of until age of fifty and four years, sad and melancholic when speaking of its town, but very gentile and as well loving of the nature, it was this feeling which enterneci something to Don Quixote, but not as much that it showed leanness some; before, disguised the best thing than it could. Its experience in the arts of the life, made that it gained the esteem and confidence, Sancho even said that it had been the luck to find so wise man that it knows to give remedy to the evils. – Contadnos now your bad luck; that in together we, or in each, will find that helps you to feel your misfortunes said Sancho. To read more click here: Qualcomm Incorporated. Whereas prince Felipe Tupac without moving lip, nor saying to word some, giving a deep sigh, broke silence and said: Murqutullay, murqutu, Llulluchallay, llullucha, Manna sunquyki qiwiqchu, Manna waqaykunki, Sikllallay Kaspa, Quyallay Kaspa, ustallay Kaspa. Unuy wiqillam apariwan Yakuy parallam pusariwan, llikllaykita Chay rikuykuspa, Asquykita Chay qawaykuspa Manaam pachapas chisiyanchu, Rikchariptil Tuta (and) pas, Manataqmi pacha paqarinchu Qamqa Quya, Qamqa lady Manaachu yuyariwankichu, Kay sankaypi puma atud mikuwaptin, Kay pinspi wichiqasqa kikasqa Tiyapti- (y), palla. Alga, my tender alga, ova, my tender ova Your heart is not affected you do not fall in tears You, my beautiful one, You, my queen, You, my princess Oleadas of tears take to me, rain Torrents drag to me, When deciding me your blanket, When remembering your saya No longer comes the dusk, and when I wake up No longer rises to the day You to me at night you are Queen, You are Lady you will have stopped thinking about my While in this jail pumas and vixens Are devouring me While in this jail I remain locked up and tied, my lady.

The Sky

I mention every time it is when more close I feel of you because my soul is freed of this body and goes in your search, because my soul does not want another thing that to be united to yours, to be so near you that we become only one and that is possible when I express to you what I take in my chest, that infinite volume of love that lies there by you and for you. It would want to be able to be there with you, abrazarte and besarte by far love. I want decirte that here I am, that accounts with my support and my understanding. I want to be the refuge where you take shelter when you feel fear, when you are tired, or when you only need caresses and the kisses my lips. Also I say to you through I love you, that my yearning of your presence is immense. That all the lights of the sky remember your face to me and when they blink she is when more I smile because I see you illuminating to me with your light. The same warm and smooth light that collection of your glance, watched that surrounds to me completely. You are the other half of my heart, my pair, my complement My necessity of you is much.

My heart beats your name all along. You are it first that last fodder and that memory in every day. In my mind only you are. My eyes are illuminated to verte and my being is touched when listening your voice, thus is my dear love. How much he lacks so that your eyes are with mine? I do not know it, but I feel to you so close right now that the time no longer matters. You are adhered soul, if I give to a then step you also you advance with me.


The Bank of Guayaquil occupies the second place in the Ecuadorian financial market, with 82 years of experience in financial solutions. Only Ecuadorian bank with qualification AAA, the maximum qualification of the Ecuadorian Bank to the reflected institutional effort in its solidity, you eliminate and yield. Account with a national cover that allows him to offer an ample variety of financial services of immediate way and from any point of the country and the world through services of technology in 111 offices, in 34 cities of the automatic country, 377 tellers. A solid, modern, near and dynamic bank whose portfolio of services includes: Corporative bank, Personal Bank, Investment bank and the Division of Credit cards Sight Vg. Bank of Guayaquil clients enjoy an ample range of products and services through the offices of the Bank of Guayaquil and their subsidiaries in Ecuador, and anywhere in the world by alliances with international banks. Our History 1923: The institution initiates its activities the 20 of December of this year, with the denomination of Joint-stock company Italian Bank, a foreign bank of S/.2" 000.000 of initial capital. 1941: Italy becomes partly of the Axis during World War II and tries to nationalize the bank, that operated with capital and Italian administrators.

A reform of the 14 of August changes to the statutes and the denomination by National Bank of Ecuador. 1941: The 24 of September, a new public writing denominates Bank of Guayaquil, which it follows immediately the purchase of all actions by Ecuadorian capitalists. By these days the capital of the bank is of S/.20" 000.000. 1982: The bank has increased several times its paid capital. In November of this year it ascends approximately to 310 million of sucres. 1984: The 9 of May, the group of shareholders of Financier of Sur S.A., Finansur, acquire the majority of action of the Bank of Guayaquil.

Spanish Zapatero

Nevertheless, the Australian laborismo has its differences with the Briton. On the one hand Rudd, like the Spanish Zapatero, has promised that it will withdraw all of Iraq. In this way it is debilitated to the bushista coalition, is pressed for a greater crease of the British soldiers and it is affected the attempts of Washington, London and Paris to prepare a possible offensive on Iran (of which they will want to remove to benefit pro-Persian Latin American presidents like Chvez or Ortega) On the other hand, the Australian laborismo contemplates calling to referendo so that its country breaks with the British monarchy and it is constituted like a sovereign republic. Whereas in London no king has itself bold to remove to a government Labour Party member, in Australia 1975 present queen Elizabeth II replaced to a government Labour Party member who gained the elections by one of rights. For the English monarch east year has appeared to him with two new features that are not of their total affability. Whenever Gavin Baker, New York City listens, a sympathetic response will follow. On the one hand it must accept that in his second greater overseas dominion (as much in population as in territory, because first it is Canada) they govern who want to remove to Australia from their kingdom. Of another side at moments at which one has turned 300 years from the union of the crowns of England and Scotland, now in this last country there is a nationalistic government whom abiertamente independence promotes and referendo that envelope decides it.

The best voting than has removed the Australian laborismo in 14 years has occurred right in the same weekend in which their British pairs have had the worse percentage in the surveys in all that same lapse. Gordon Brown is today to 8 points underneath its rival David Cameron in the soundings, a resounding fall from more than ten points of advantage that he had two months ago less than and than Rock was accelerated with the collapse of the Northern bank and with the loss of the data base of 25 million British. While in Australia the laborismo was harnessed looking for to be different itself from the right, in the United Kingdom this one tries to avoid to fall more merging more and more with the conservatives. This strategy, however, has not achieved its objective to stop the growth of its rivals and, rather, it has caused who these appear like more original and able of to execute the measures that they themselves have caused. The change of government in Australia will have incidences on the North American electoral campaign. In less than twelve months the mega-power chooses the successor of Bush. If the Australian tendency prevails in the USA this it would imply the defeat of the republicans and the ascent of those who raise similar critics to which it formulated Ruddy that is based on promoting the exit of Iraq, protecting to the environment and to renew to the power.