The Difference

While older men at least in another men – in to the public the part of launch but also on envy or admiration, a couple in which the woman is older, is usually not as well accepted. The constellation with significant age differences is often at second or third-party relationships, where men often widowed or are divorced, and the women either not or not yet adult children have. As stated above, this constellation is frequently condemned by the society and is therefore a “bad Star”. Financial interests are subordinated to the younger woman and there will be questions raised, such as: “what does want that as an old man? Probably she want to be only secured”. It is assumed the older man to be a fancy old man.

“He probably does not accept his age and wants to adorn themselves with a younger woman.” Sufferers should let this not confuse themselves. This constellation of the relationship is not so to meet unusual and already since the beginning of our history. Love can not squeeze in standards and finds its way despite significant differences. In addition, also the same age is no guarantee of a harmonious relationship. It is important, however, that it complied with the specific opportunities and risks arising from the difference in age.

The woman appreciates his knowledge and his experience, where, however, the man often appreciate the attractiveness and vitality of the woman her older husband often. The older men in such relationships often intensely the woman respond, because they often no longer have to prove in the professional life and as a result not all kinds of other things are more important than the woman. In particular professionally highly stressed men found a large part of their confirmation in the profession, put more energy into the relationship. The man is often full and quite ready to engage on the woman. CEO Intel shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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