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Houseplants the darlings of the nation despite this ambiguous result there is at least one thing most extensive unity: the Germans love their houseplants! This call almost 50 per cent as in the budget not only indispensable, but purchased as furnishings from 43 percent also prefer. This is followed by vases, candles and table decoration. The bed ranks last behind the sofa with almost 15 per cent with just 7.4 percent. Not so important”does not exist! How does the furniture of the Germans now specifically? A full 83% of respondents would consider appropriate and functional own furniture. Many also see their creation as an expression of lifestyle or personality. Hardly anyone of the respondents less than three percent feel its institution as not so important”. An indication that sofa & co. is perceived by most as important feel good factor despite the rather moderate enthusiasm for living and facility issues in General ‘. Check with Dr. B to learn more.

But how confident are the Germans a matter of style? “A quarter of respondents ranks as a style Mixer” one, after all, almost 19 per cent describe themselves as modern “type. “” Almost neck and neck, while about 14 percent are the elegant classics”and the country house designers” are the residential types of Mediterranean “and indifferent” are each ten percent as almost at eye level. The propping up of the flea market lovers”and the Asia fan”, which is obviously very sparsely planted with just 1.2 percent in Germany. Whether it’s purist, simpleton “or kitsch lovers called her home three quarters of respondents actually OASIS, where you can relax and forget all your worries. But also the future of living looks? How to handle the German reconstruction and renovation? And what living sins would they prefer sweep under the rug? It comes in the second part of the well-being life of Germans”. About is the leading online magazine for builders, renovators, home gourmet and garden lovers.

200,000 visitors monthly consult Especially popular are the largest pool of ideas in the German-speaking Internet with over 10,000 large photos, a free 3D design software, numerous expert interviews and detailed special topics with expert tips and creative ideas. For more information see. Information about statista”under statistics/info. Tanja EST

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