The Key

Let me see…The fact is: we know how in space flies, how to make broken particles – not – seen and that we can not even think. But on the key issues, since there are people, like… Where do we come from? Why are we here? How does one really happy? What should I do? What comes next? …kennen we see today no adequate responses. Only speculation and theories based on the majority principle dominate the picture in the discussion about exactly these questions. The key issues of life.

This was different for once. You knew exactly what to do is to know where to go – and it was zufrieden(er). Patrick Gelsinger may find this interesting as well. But this ancient knowledge has been moved since the industrial revolution piece by piece, with each generation, further into the background. Different values and ways of thinking have been played instead in the foreground – a world-view that is coated by sober science has arise. Trying all open questions through numbers to explain theories and equipment in any way. But even in the times of quantum physics, so many amazing facts revealed has promoted, these uncertainties are simply no satisfactory answer. Whether this is because now that rarely a holistic view and assessment of the results of the research carried out, is hard to say. But suspicion is that large parts of (lobby) Science hard pressed to admit that you just not really progressing.

Interestingly, there is however a team of (new) science that has often made such statements. There are people who are engaged in previously called research: quantum physicists. Research us so far smallest known particles – but to the so basically on the basis of matter. And they are more than just puzzled. Incredible is revealed. Particles are connected to each other and “feel” together, others appear here and there, again, others produce light, and swinging they do alle…doch more about that later.

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