The Most Profitable Method Of Investing

Now our country is at a level of development, when in front of many people, the question is where to invest the available funds, or their savings. Among the various options for investment funds highlight the key: Investing in mutual funds (mutual funds), investing in real estate, bank deposits, purchase of shares, securities, investing in antiques, buying art, buying precious metals and stones, jewelry. Details can be found by clicking Paul Ostling or emailing the administrator. Note that invest in jewelry, antiques, real estate, today we can not each. Therefore, we consider only the most accessible to every citizen of Russia options investment funds such as bank deposits, unit trusts (mutual funds) and the purchase of shares.

Try to make it more objectively, will be based on the figures and analysis of the processes that occurred in the past time in our country, affecting one way or another as a whole on the financial internal politics. So, let’s begin. Bank deposit is considered to be a long time, the main option for investing in Russia. After the 1998 default, however, has traditionally existing opinion about the reliability of the storage of money noticeably shaken. Crisis a few years behind us, and the state was reformed deposit insurance scheme, which was the key to return to a hundred thousand rubles, regardless of the amount of the deposit. Later the amount was increased, and people got an extra incentive to give the bank your savings. However, at present, a fairly low percentage of bank almost all the contributions from 6% to 13% (including the ruble and foreign currency) and predicted the end of 2008 the inflation rate exceeds 13%, we can say that putting money into banks to accumulate illogical.


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