The Order

Always! this basta.7 Either patient, everything has its hour. Everybody knows how much it is bad to recognize chances that had been lost for not knowing to wait. To turn aside themselves from its route, to beat the foot, to make pirraa, to run over the order and the logic of the things can cost a high price. Coen Brothers is a great source of information. Then, it does not lose time with shortcuts. Who knows what you search are well in the way of the track? 8 Dedique a time to its beliefs. It does not substitute them for promises that never will fulfill. It reserves a part of the day if to connect to everything what it congregates forces for inside of you.

Either faithful, devoted and grato.9 Either always cautious, therefore the world of the returns. The unamimity is not she-ass, it is brief and it does not survive no matter how hard some seconds. It life to be possible, was necessary to create in the people two faces, the things two sides and for each situation some exits. It gives attention, and it will see that every day a piece of its world falls for land to give to place to a new piece and everything mudar.10 Yes, is truth! The best things of the life are the things simplest. It thinks about the sensations that through an only word are pressentidas, the looks of as that they are arrested in our thought for hours and the delicate gestures that paralyze in them with incredible force. They are the things simpler than they devastam in them first, that they relieve in them and in them they make more felizes.11 I will not choose the way most easy. I will choose the certain way.


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