The Tree

I wiped out so with the positive fearing that there something negative could happen. That it is vital for me so to bring a little patience and despite fear to wait for things to turn out as obviously positive or negative and I can then separate the one from the other. I grow the tree leave, and only when I can clearly see a destructive fungus, can so really clearly define that as something hostile is what is not desirable, it then remove and thus ensures that the tree itself can survive and Weiterwachsen further. It was very clearly aware that I out often very promptly react out of my fear and thus look to the miracle of life at the moment. I so in many connection of this not in the Reality-rooted fear advised me the conscious participation of the life refuse, to prophylactically before a potential threat to protect. I was aware at this moment that a careful and geduldige approach, a trusting encounter with the life is Angeraten if I want to supportive entgegengehen against the growth of the same and to creative vivacity would be so in a very pragmatic way. This dream had given me so obviously much clarity of consciousness. And apparently had a significant impact on me this experience on a deeper level.

I had an another dream that immediately led me in the same quality of awareness level and dimension of reality has been in the following night. Continue to follow the previous night was a tangible and logically pointed out a building on the knowledge assimilated well already by me. I saw a classic picture full of life of supportive energy, as the first two beautiful raging white wild horses in a wide free nature Idyll. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc?. A picture that produced Lebendigkeit, Joie de vivre, zest for life and passion. And I was paradoxically immediately present, that caution, mindfulness, and PATIence were preconditions for the present experience of close and Intimitat, so to take part in this natural spectacle and are also fundamental requirements for potential further rapprochement. And at the same time, I remembered that I already got this yesterday in this other dream as a message. So the life with Behutsamkeit and confidence to go forward and not to run away or having to run even destructive actions.


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