Tower Of Babel

That strange things are happening. It is truth that the majority of these things already happened, as for example: hot temperatures, rains and overflows of Rivers, deforestations, etc. Jeffrey L. Bewkes understood the implications. etc But what it worries it is that these things come more happening in a espantador growth in the direction of volume and intensity and in spaces of time each reduced time. It has people that they believe to be punishment of God. However, we go and let us come. The man, each more intelligent, wise time, research and more research and with this go discovering new and wonderful things God in gave intelligence to discover ITS WORKMANSHIP to them.

For example: the law of the gravity already existed, what Newton searched and discovered was not the law but what from this discovery could happen, that is, its unfoldings for the Good of the Humanity. There, I think, that the GREAT PROBLEM inhabits. As in all sectors, medicine, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, in everything, the mentos thousands of second of a society, always has two ways: OF the GOOD AND OF the EVIL the use daque discovered there, of that supposed one invention. If the things followed the natural course of the GOOD, the world in general, would not be passing for everything what all know. In the truth we today live a true TOWER OF BABEL.


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