Trade Payment

easyDebit extended its payment services portfolio to the popular online transfer giropay the easyDebit GmbH, a leading full service provider for e-payment, risk management and customer management in Germany, expanded their extensive range of payment types to the online transfer giropay. From August, Internet merchants can their customers about easyDebit giropay offer secure e-payment procedures. Thus an another online payment is procedures available, specifically designed for the payment on the Internet now in addition to the over twenty national and international be payment, easyDebit already offered. giropay was designed by the German credit industry as online payment schemes for transactions over the Internet. the only legitimized by the German banking system and legally secure online transfer for the payment on the Internet is giropay. In contrast to other providers the PIN and TAN takes place at giropay input only on the pages of the participating bank or Sparkasse.

Thus is paying with giropay sure, because it is subject to the existing high security standards of online banking. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Iger . Obtain Internet Merchant payments via giropay, they benefit from a fast and secure payment and the payment guarantee of banks, so that they carry no credit risk. Also chargeback costs are therefore not to be feared. giropay is offered by Postbank, Sparkassen and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks. Because these financial institutions together far beyond 50% market share, there are many customers who can use giropay. giropay is available in all packages of easyDebit as a payment method available. On request, it is available as single module giropay. Traders who easyDebit already use and want to offer their customers now in addition giropay as mode of payment, contact the Sales Department of easyDebit and conclude an additional agreement to their contract. No technical changes are needed when using the iFrame links. Information about the implementation for all other types of payment easyDebit connection customers receive from the sales. More information to the packages under easyDebit GmbH Augusta plant 59 68165 Mannheim Tel.: + 49 (621) 7249 380 E-Mail:


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