Travel Abroad

Valencia. Studying a foreign language is vital today, and learn in the country speaking can be converted into a very enriching experience. For this reason, a school of languages of the city of Valencia has begun to organize stays abroad for students who want to live the experience. Details can be found by clicking Coen brothers or emailing the administrator. The aforementioned Academy puts in contact, to every student that you want, with schools around the world, in countries as varied as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, France, and is to be in constant contact with people who have the language as their mother tongue studied help to memorize so many words, concepts and language uses just effortless. Besides the pronunciation and oral fluency improve markedly.

Learning languages always has been the pending issue for Spaniards, data obtained recently from the Eurobarometer reiterate it. The knowledge of the average of other languages Spanish is far below the European average, since as shown in this study only 2% of respondents stated they know another language different than mother and 56% of them confessed to not being able to hold a conversation in another language. According to Olira Pinedo responsible for the Academy of languages Costa de Valencia: the Spanish have a great defect, and it is shame to speak another language in public limits us much. The best way to remove that fear is going abroad and verify that everything learned in the classroom works, besides being tremendously useful. Apart from the improvement of language skills in the language in question, when a student leaves abroad learn many things more. Learn a new language and travel abroad brings with it the benefit of meeting people of different nationalities and cultures. In addition numerous studies show that students who learn a foreign language also increase their skills in other academic areas. Studying a language and also abroad only thing that presents are advantages! In the Academy of languages Costa de Valencia can find a wide range of possibilities to learn a foreign language.

They are offered from courses of languages such as: English, German, French, Chinese, private lessons in the language in question both at home and at school, conversation classes and this year as a novelty, also organised study trips abroad. This is a big advantage, since this language Academy also teaches Spanish to foreign students. This translates into an unmatched sector knowledge, since after many years of experience, they know the best operators and companies that are engaged in this activity.

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