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With 3.28 points, Saenz de Santamaria lies in third place, tied with the Minister of development, Ana Pastor. Behind them are the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo (3.20); Industry, Jose Manuel Soria (3.02); Economy, Luis de Guindos (2.92); Health, Ana Mato (2.90); Defence, Pedro Morenes (2.81) and those of the Treasury, Cristobal Montoro, and Interior, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, with a note of 2.77. Recent posts from the list, reflecting the wear of the entire Cabinet in the eyes of citizens, occupy the Minister of employment, Fatima Banez, with a score of 2.71, and Wert. Penn Kidney Transplant Clinic will not settle for partial explanations. The PSOE also worsens worsens also valuation citizen of the work of opposition of the PSOE, which is censored by the majority of respondents. Thus a 65.3% qualify it as bad or very bad – 57.6% in July – a 5.7 as good or very good and a 25.2 per cent as regular. The study of the CIS, made between 2 and 14 October, at the start of the electoral campaign Galician and Basque, reveals that no spokesperson for the parties with representation in the Chamber of Deputies approves valuation citizen and practically all lost note. Speaking candidly harvard medical school told us the story.

The leader of UPyD, Rosa Diez, with a note of 4.31 out of 10, has ceased to be the Spanish policy better valued, for the benefit of the Member of Geroa Bai, Uxue Barkos, who obtains a 4.51, yet at half point of the approved. The spokesman of ERC, Alfred Bosch – 4.09-, the general coordinator of IU, Cayo Lara, with a 3.76, ahead of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, with a 3.70 follow you. Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, of CiU, obtains a 3.38 – almost half a point less than in July, followed closely by the Canarian Coalition, Ana Oramas, with 3.37 spokesman. Francisco Jorquera, the BNG-3.09 – and then, Josu Erkoreka (PNV) is situated in the eighth position with 2.92.

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