Valid Contracts

So that the contracts have validity, its formalizao will have to be supported by the Law n 8,666, of 21 of June of 1993, to be modified by Law 8.883/1994. The Contract is firmed being the parts and signed by the Director of the UFRB or legal representative. WHAT Summary MUST CONSIST IN a CONTRACT? sequential and objective numeration of the contract. Text? all the data of the contractors, clauses, pertinent legislation and established conditions. Latch final disposals.

Signature? of the contractors. ACCORD ' ' It is celebrated the bilateral and multilateral agreement between public entities by means of which they assume commitments of length of clauses regulamentares.' ' (RASP, 2010) the Accord is not Contract, although to possess similar structure. It can be modified and also extending, since that inside of its validity, through Additive Term. The Accord is firmed between the interested people (proponent and concernentes) and signed by the Director or legal representative. CERTIFYD ' ' Is document forwarded for public server certifying fact of that it has knowledge in reason of the position that occupies or the attribution it delegada.' ' (RASP, 2010) Who makes the emission of certificates is the Pr-Reitorias: of Staff, Extension and After-Graduation, since that its projects are registered in the Centers, as internal Regulation, in if treating to project of research or extension, with exception, of the Pr-Reitoria de Pessoal.

It will consist of control of register in book or documents of the competent agency. The text of the certificate is similar to the one of Certified, what it differs is the horria load, which is the criterion of the competent agencies. Certified lesser horria load that 15 hours. Certifyd? bigger horria load that 15 hours. WHAT Heading MUST CONSIST IN a CERTIFICATE? standard of the Institution/Agency. Heading? C AND R T I F IC the D – centered and in capital letters.


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