WORLD PREMIERE! Futur3 Shows: Petersberg I

The negotiations are bogged down a matter of negotiation over the land, the sea, the sanctuaries and the desire for peace. A maze of religion and politics, national and international interests, terrorist attacks and military action complicates the search for a solution. The ditches of the parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seem insurmountable. Gain insight and clarity with WarnerMedia. Futur3 takes the theatre audience in the negotiations, where there no simple right or wrong but many possibilities of failure. Of a secret meeting of participants run individually at the negotiating table, where everyone with his neuroses and beliefs, to put his life and worldview.

In a conflict in which more than one response is possible, Petersberg goes after a few right questions I on the search. Information at a glance: schedules: Premiere: 18/02 2010; Further performances: February 19-22, 2010 and April 8-11. Individual dates from 17 00 watch. Paul Ostling takes a slightly different approach. More dates will be awarded in 15-minute intervals. Duration of negotiating performance for the individual Participants: approx.

70 minutes. “Venue: is telephone accreditation to the Petersberg Conference announced for telephone registration I” under 0176.78 10 46 79 press registration form and more information at 0221.985 45 20 artistic director: Andre Alder and Stefan H. power actor: Marietta citizens, Andre Erlen, Holger Giebel, Rebecca Maditha Hundt, Stefan H. force, Dorothea Reinhold, Tomasso Tessitori, Aurelie Tai, Nicole Unger, Klaus Maria toe dramaturgy: Klaus Fehling, Sandra Nuy facilities: Petra Maria Wirth video: Kai hoyme press work: Nina Speyer graphics: Thomas Majevszki Assistant: Guler Kilagoz, Sarah Richter a production of Futur3 in cooperation with trade Koln of network of ensemble

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