Normally if we read is because our visitors they expect to obtain any information that find them useful and can be processed in their own benefit, which is only achieved by using short paragraphs in which we offer quality content. We must try to split posts into paragraphs, using sub-headings, enumeration, bold, etc. All these elements that provide visual aid to readers. (4) Be aware of the changes never should fail to observe and learn. The Internet is one of the ways in which the changes occur with a lot of speed.

Currently we have the example of social networks and the way how they have impacted our lives. As a result, we can see the birth of many successful blogs precisely because they have a theme related to this topic. For this reason, it is not enough to have a blog, we have to be attentive to the development of the world of blogs. What are you talking is? What is the trend? How are comments I moderating? How they are used the social networks to promote the content? (5) Analytical be good bloggers do not live in a bubble, ignoring the world that surrounds them. Rather, they tend to employ an important part of the day to analyze and understand what is what works on your blog and what is not making it because only thus will they be aware of its reality. They are carefully studying his statistics, analyze what are the most popular themes, most used traffic sources, keywords that attract more readers, etc. In this way, they are abreast of the State of its location relative to each other at all times.

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