In the sense of improving, is compared to something already existing with the given meaning is repeated to be even better than it was. If the idea is embodied in a Department and specifically any department involved a number of people with different ideas regarding the culture, values, idiosyncrasies etc., improvement will be on whether the shape of as it is that atmosphere of communication in the community that is in value and enhance it, it should be noted that valuation is not make the binary of good or bad sense to this formula is not very feasible to give a correct determination to improve, improvement is itself is all elements of each in mix of what will do to get all the elements and impact to the same realization of a measurable improvement in the elements involved in the communication flow is assertive, correct and ideal for understanding to this all I want to say; There is communication to be evaluated to determine its improvement itself of all those elements to its sense for the improvement by all, with the spirit that results are pleasant to the Department and memorize problems that were already raised to which can be found other and They must start other improvements and assessing the objective as what we discussed previously. An error falling much in organizations are that we let specialists to dictate and improve communication to the Department, but it is not the factor that specialists do, is clear that help as sort of couching so that your communication is assertive and impact necessary to keep communication flowing in channels of communication they are effective and do not cause problems. One of the problems is that we are looking for solutions with immediate and spontaneous actions. For even more opinions, read materials from CBS. Outdoor ideas that leave no footprint only pass on the superficial without enhance efforts and dedications that stems from one and determine all and it is clear that there is no improvements in the same communication. Ideas and prejudices are factors that only communication is internal, if they communicate them in the circle of the Department without objectivity and only particularity errors grow if they think are analyzed and identifies improvements that does not carry more than a circle of vices that only leave black holes that trap and deceive in view actions aimlessly. Another mistake is to graduate as improvements to communication problems, as I mention improvement of the worst or the error, is not born if what is already done to improve it to communicate is not the essence of how it transmits and impact to give with this communication and the responsibility will fall on so many and that quality will serve for many of the many that they should receive. Atte: Cesar Torres Banuelos.

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