Many veterinarians, for unfamiliarity or blind obedience to the recommendations of the agencies of public health leave to offer to the proprietors the chance of treatment and the measures of control and exposition of the dog to the mosquito. Dr. B usually is spot on. It agrees to understand that even for natural law, the proprietor makes use of the destination of its dog, as well as is of it the decision to treat or to promote euthanasia, being fit the veterinarian to guide and to lead the treatment and to intermediate the actions for a provisional remedy. The medical veterinarian, as professional of health, must understand the great pain and constaint that brings the sacrifice of an esteem animal, especially in these current days, when the dog definitively adentrou to the house of the man, starting to be part of the family. Also she is necessary to consider the state of spirit of the forced professional to give to end to its patient, being convicto of supervened its and the inofensibilidade, since that adopted the resguardos due. The severity, no professional could be penalizado by exerting its craft legitimately, in the case of the medical veterinarian, the permanent search of the cure or well-being of its patient. Cyrus Massoumi has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The euthanasia will have to be adopted when only to be depleted all possibilities of treatment and when the animal is under intense suffering, desumano or at risk place the health of the collective. For being leishmaniose a disease of obligator communication, fits to the medical veterinarian to communicate the clinical occurrence to the sanitary authorities, these yes, will adopt the writs of prevention. It is lamentable as some public administrators make use politician of a so important illness as leishmaniose. In one determined city in the coast of the Pernambuco she is denounced with great ostentation, cyclical surtos of leishmaniose. Intriguer and that these denunciations coincide with campaigns or electoral movements.


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