Hebert Simon

Also impacted concepts coming from other areas of knowledge, as the game theory of the mathematician John von Neumann, who tried to explain human behaviour from the interaction of variables that can supposedly predict it. And in the social sciences presented the approach of decisions, the American economist Hebert Simon, as a model for the process of making decisions based on what he called limited human rationality. However, the reality has been responsible for derailing any attempt to control or predict human organizations behavior, in a systematic manner because the brain that governs us behaves in ways that science has just begun timidly to unravel. Some discoveries of neuroscience, made a century ago, are being rescued and dust to explain human behavior in its multiple manifestations. And the results of the latest research in this field scratched with the more delusional fiction or with metaphysics, alerting us to the profound mistake we make when we try to manage to humans as if they were resources. Our time is witnessing an unprecedented event since science became independent of religion: our civilization is nearing the edge of the abyss, there where rational explanations are no longer viable. Deterministic notions of classical physics ceded step to quantum mechanical probabilistic theories to doubt than we already thought happily tested.

The instruments have reached the limit of its ability to record, exposing the huge questions in the infinitely small and large immeasurably, while something within us alerts us to the need for urgent and radical changes in our way of perceiving us themselves as individuals and as members of teams. We need a new paradigm. It is time to bet on the Bioliderazgo. Original author and source of the article

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