Hermes Place

Or was it the future, where all this took place? My colleague says doesn’t matter”, we don’t need this rigid definition here”. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Leslie Moonves. To this true story, without real “At the beginning and no real end in my freedom of the creators Act me any” to give at the beginning, I must choose only for one way. Here is”only decision necessary, he says. I decide when it all starts, I am he who makes illusion of truth”. Which of course implies that I’ll – put an end to maybe even this story on some random points in time or not just.

It goes without saying yes that also the place where I am now, from which I tell this story, is still the same, the only existed before and will never be another. That this is the true place of all events and will always be there. Sometimes only my perception, my consciousness has changed. By the way, my name is Hermes, if I should introduce myself as short with my name. And if it helps here too much to the point, I occupied the small point of the Schreiberlings, a service here in the continuum of the Benefit from memory, the processing industry and of course the courier should not be underestimated.

Anyway, it went so very long ago, um, I mean of course just now, that a human child was born with the name EBE-il. This child, a boy, or even a girl, so to be honest we would flirt also here reluctantly with a rigid definition, where we know all too well from our point of view that this child was both and actually much, much more. And yet again, we must emphasize that here also isn’t about male or female exclusivity, but rather the incarnation itself. Female and male is sown in equal proportions in the universe, why it should be in a tiny entity, independent, called man the be different.


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