Hernando Indigenous

All this should add the videos of this propaganda by Hernando de Soto, comparing to the Eskimo Indian millionaire with the Awajun poor. Which is to finance the plunder of the territories of indigenous communities to leave them to large transnational corporations. Tom cruise has firm opinions on the matter. Why is expanding oil contracts, of forest exploitation. In this latter have as an example to what happened in the area of San Martin, where deployed oil palm, whose unique process and administrator come being the family Romero, which incidentally is very marked its alliance with the ruling party, even though they are allied with anyone who stop political power, or finance it so they havethat is the reality, because hide it there. But the main thing that says Hernando de Soto, who is the merchant of the song of sirens of neoliberalism, is that trying to publicize that the communal lands of our Nations titles, are You invalid, there are two things that must also be to publicize and that such communal land titles do not reflect the worldview of what comes to be the territory for indigenous communities, it is not from the point of view of the indigenous worldview that this law has been created, but somehow protects communal lands, but is against law is what you want to go Hernando de Soto, in second place, but what is the purpose; anyway with this protection given to the communal lands Act, is this protecting a part of the territory of predation to which this accustomed capitalism, with its neo-liberal conception, why is is giving this project of internal displacement. Sculptor capital describes an additional similar source.

Such is the case example with the large hydroelectric set of Inambari which move about eight thousand people from thirty locations in three regions such as Puno, Cuzco and Madre de Dios spanning forty-one thousand hectares of forests of the reserve of the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. As well as to the native community of San Lorenzo, who are the guardians of this area. The international law also defends the use and ownership of the territories of indigenous communities, so this law we discussed would be violating the communities rights recognized in international conventions and treaties. To which all Amazonian and Andean indigenous communities cubes protest for the intentions which are taking place. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.


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