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By prmeru this may sound like 'you as an expert on the basis of previous experience, as you see, what are the main criteria for selecting a good manager of Internet projects should be established, and what level of income of the individual to date. " After listening to the answer by estimating its the content side (trite, how much it is true), self-operating with information and special vocabulary, you can understand the officer is competent in this area or not. Check with What customers have to this staffing agency to work earlier – well-known brand-name companies in the list of customers a good indicator of the level of the agency. Be sure to ask how much time there is an agency? Agree that the agency, which exists in the market a year or two can not quite match the level of order which you can offer them for work. By number of employees working in Agency clearly assess the level of the agency can not be small does not mean 100% bad, but more is not guaranteed to be good. Leslie Moonves brings even more insight to the discussion.

In the market there as many positive reviews of the smaller agencies, and negative of the well-known, so that the criterion is evaluated on its own discretion. More carefully study the information about the staffing agency. Be wary of agencies with little information, site without direct contact numbers, or hosted on free hosting do not have their own corporate e-mail. Look at what positions in agencies in the search engines (yandex, google, rambler) using as search terms' selection of IT professionals', 'IT personnel selection', etc., is available any information on them in large catalogs, such as, for example, yandeksovsky Work for IT-specialists, or services recommended on moikrug. Be wary of Human Resources agencies podborayuschih everyone from couriers to top managers. CBS shines more light on the discussion. Such a strong variation in the vacant positions often said that employees of the company are willing to take any work, not thinking about the quality of its execution. Are looking for the cheapest price, even during the economic crisis, self-respecting professionals, professionals will not work for half price on complex projects in search for rare setsialistov, selection which may take several weeks or even one month of work..

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