Las Palmas

Do do do the consolidation? n in the sector of the franchise in Espa? to has favored that during the? past to? I a do n? mere important of businessmen opted for this f? formula as a strategy for business development and that increasingly are m? s entrepreneurs who, covered by a recognized brand, a set of products and services demanded in the market and know-how tested, choose the franchise system to get into the business world. To bring business proposals in franchise to entrepreneurs, mundoFranquicia Consulting organizes a comprehensive calendar of events focused on the formaci? n of entrepreneurs and to publicize their skills in the development of its functions to different employers. ?Since its creation? n mundoFranquicia Consulting has been characterized by a hard effort in regard to formaci? n. Do do do do do the Organization? n from an extensive agenda of seminars taught hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs in many cities espa? waves, creation? n a m? ster of address? n and management? n of franchises and the defined? n of numerous development and business leadership services, are a good test of this concern. Ultimately a wide offer of formaci? n with which our firm aims to contribute to the do do do settlement and consolidation? the franchise as f n? formula for growth and business?


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