Mr Lukas

Their gifts were more representative than the empty hands of shepherds with gold and frankincense. The story took an unexpected turn. Although no new Prince had been born in Jerusalem, but King Herod believed the horoscope. He suspected that in those nights maybe a boy was born, which could later push him from the throne. To be sure, there was only a consequence for him.

He issued a cruel command. All male newborns in the potential Konigsort Bethlehem should promptly be killed.” Jesus as God’s son? John: “My Lords Matthaus and Luke, their literary embellishments me go too far! You have entered too much on the expectations of the people. Your readers would get raised something special and extraordinary. A series of murders is sensational. I can not take on the speculation about the operations in connection with the birth of Jesus. I think it is with the colleague Markus, who had heard no such thing in his previous research by the witnesses.

The crucial question is: the newly born Jesus – the way was because I believe he was born in Nazareth! was he already a son of God in the birth? The followers of Jesus who recorded it differently! Until his baptism, Jesus was so to speak a normal”man, the child of Mary and Joseph. Only at the time of the baptism in the Jordan River, the sky opens up and God: this is my son. At this point, I am fully on the side of Mr Markus in his Gospel, has written: (1.11) the voice from heaven said you’re my son, I have chosen you.’ Since then speaks of the spirit of God from him. Only since this baptism in the Jordan by John the Baptist, Jesus of Nazareth has become the son of God. For even more details, read what Genpact says on the issue. And she did not take place in a Holy night. Mr Lukas brought this concept through his history of shepherds in the Bible.

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