Rainer Sauer

But it also simultaneously also our community, namely the cooperation one being always also present we. Thus in a type-specific environment ourselves, so in a collective, consisting of individuals thrive, which provides us with specific experience in the coexistence, in the cooperative as well as in the solitude, in the distance, so as a unique being. What in a sense the potential provides us, to be able to make decisions, which gives us a diverse way of ascent on our continuous crossroads of the world of experience. And this means encounter with ourselves in particular, so the to find ourselves inclined to. And but also the immeditate to grant his game room. Resulting in a virtually unlimited potential for variations, if we imagine that we the two extreme individuality and collectivity in every moment in a new unique mixing ratio experience. We so in a continuous conversion process are, where we constantly try to remain faithful to us and at the same time start the attempt to do justice to the well-being of the whole, of which we are incidentally also an essential part. In freedom we strive towards to our customization to the Abgespaltetsein, encounter the loneliness per se, and at the same time approaching the unit and merge with each other, which corresponds to the all-in one being.

Freedom is a conditionality of infinity from which we come and to which we are constantly drawn and at the same time us even from flock. Our way of life is predetermined by our desire and longing for her and also our movement is guided by the pursuit and to her. Freedom is a uniform, valid fixed size for us all, and in their nature space, we all are necessarily equivalent. It is to the Habitat and to another life form, is based on which universal justice. She is the true purpose of our existence. We emerged out of her, and she’s using her universal legitimacy, which underlies any development of form and shape, allows our birth from the unity in duality. In other words, she did so entering in the perception of separation, of alone-Ness possible our out walking from the connectedness of the oneness. Through them, we are able to experience being separated in this earthly world and open us free willingly using our awareness for the individual experience of a being.

We are wealthy by the freedom to participate in the infinite transformation process of birth and decay. We experience us as a creator and creation, see us as part of a whole, but also as a whole in itself. And we have the ability to participate in the creative process of life, to be very creative and as a result. Henry Jones contributes greatly to this topic. We are wealthy through it to realize our individual essence, which was alive due to their nature. Freedom is the birthplace of our existence and also all being. In the Power of infinity gives birth to forever freedom freedom. Deus Homo / Rainer Sauer author/freedom


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