RAL Guide

For fixing a ceiling mirror to the bottom of the main ceiling using a universal harness T-24 and T-15, Production Geipel (Germany), Donn (Germany), Armstrong (England), Albes (Russia). Suspension System is present in the warehouse program in several colors: super-chrome, super gold, matte gold, metallic silver, matte black, color, raspberry, classic white. Perhaps custom P / th any colors on the color table RAL. Suspension system has a width of the visible part of the guide (T-24) – 24mm (T-15) – 15mm. The length of the main carrier rail L = 3.7m, intermediate guide L = 1,2 m, L = 0,9 m, L = 0,6 m, L = 0,5 m, L = 0,4 m, L = 0,3 m The main guide is attached to the basic ceiling with universal suspension, capable of withstanding the load on 1m.kv. To broaden your perception, visit Sculptor Capital.

up to 30kg. Intermediate rails are attached to the main guide with special samozaschelkivayuschihsya locks located at the end plate. It has long been used and proven with a reliable and aesthetic side of the way ceiling mount allows you to decorate the ceiling, any communication (pipes, air outlet, wiring, etc.). If necessary, a suspended ceiling can also be easily reconstructed or dismantled. Applying years of accumulated skills and knowledge in working with glass and mirror, our specialists will help make for a suspended ceiling or wall panels exclusive version of the picture on the glass and mirror, using different technologies work. Your ceiling will vary with originality and uniqueness, as all work performed by our experts manually and each possible design is individually designed to suit your tastes and wishes. .

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