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Gunther Sachs

In this interview is entered on many questions, some critically, from the spiritual realm. SIGI Oehm, freelance writer, in conversation with Uli NIEs, Tarot & intuitive life coach, Tarot, astrology, ASTRO TV shows and spirituality. Mr. (Source: Comcast). NIEs, occupy themselves with Tarot, how came you to? It all started actually so that I got an astrological analysis of life, and in it we say 80% recognized. This prompted me to look more closely at the astrology. Some contend that Dr. B shows great expertise in this.

As I was but also a skeptical person, I began with research into astrology, for example, I read the book \”the file Astrology\” by Gunther Sachs, which shows statistically causal relationships between the behaviour of the people and the statement of astrology. But astrology, so I felt at that time, it was not all yet, and so it happened that I one day in a bookstore picked Tarot cards me. Today, I would say they were put on me in the hands… You have dealt well with astrology, why not now more, but only Tarot? Now, I’m on the edge still at it. However, astrology is, I say time, a more rigid system, which is why she was formerly also a science or even if today it is known. It contains much, but not necessarily goes from my point of view on the respective human aspects, saying actions and decisions a what Tarot already takes into account. As an example: Astrology \”says\”: \”something is so and so and point.\” Tarot, however, \”says\”: \”you, these are your options, pick one, and then the matter will become so or otherwise\”.

I have another example: Let’s say the Astrology provides us with the basic colors red, yellow and blue. Not more but just not less, Tarot, however, reveals the whole colour spectrum, including and with all colors and shapes. So does that mean that you see is the difference between astrology and Tarot? Yes, astrology but it also plays a role with in the Tarot.

Current Starry Sky

Star watching made easy. Constellations in the sky, find and watch. Current starry sky in June: GmbH declares the starry sky for lay people. The summer starry sky now unfolds its full splendor: while with the constellation Leo and the Virgin Mary disappeared the last remnants of the Spring sky, the orangsrote Arcturus in the boat (Bootes) to the Western horizon down sinks. He remembers last spring as the last bright star.

High in the South the summer triangle, with Vega now unmistakably dominated in the lyre, Deneb in the Swan and Atair at Adler. The small, but striking image of the lyre is now almost at the zenith. WEGA and Arcturus are the brightest stars North of the celestial equator. A small star square, indicating their characteristic and easily memorable form of lyre found at Vega. The striking Star Cross of the Swan is also steep over the head of the observer, called occasionally cross the North.

The distinctive, large star square of Pegasus rises in the East. This the impression of an oversized driveway sign is great square of Pegasus. A slightly curved star chain, which marks the front part of the winged Dichterrosses, belongs also to the Pegasus. The Swan is flying with outstretched wings through the bright band of the milky way. The longitudinal axis makes the fuselage with the main star Deneb as cock. The lateral axis indicates the wings. South of the constellation Cygnus, one encounters the third picture of this the Adler of of summer, group, also located in the milky way. The shimmering light band of the summer milky way is high arc across the night sky Vault. It rises from the southern horizon, runs through Sagittarius, Eagle and Swan and falls due to Cassiopeia and Perseus to the Northern horizon down. The splendour of our Milky Way Galaxy is far the observer only at locations off towns and cities, where the view of the starry sky is not affected by the flare of artificial light sources.

The Time In Which We Live

The conscious observer wonders the heights Multicarrier by Gaja and the time until end of 2012 inevitably, on what our society heading for a target and when doing some research on the Internet, one again encounters the date 21.12.2012, which the Maya called the end of this era. Now, the world not going on this date and the Mayans called year which takes 26,000 years round with this scheduling just end this Jugas, so the end of a cosmic. The Schreckensenarien which should reach us on this day, ranging from plague elens, Meteoriedeneinschlag, pole caps shift to the third world war. However, you will find very little, as it can get rid of this Katakliesmen and it feels unwillingly in the role of victim. It’s true, mother earth rises, because Gaja will shake up a few lice in the fur. But what can I do as an individual to not falling into the role of victim.Many of the described disasters have his permissions, but much is also incorrectly interpreted. So I also have to tell you, that the third world war has begun! But not hoard as some may now think that we must take up arms, us in contactor rooms and bunkers must pull back, food etc.

No, the world war that is in progress refers to the spiritual level. The Earth resonates higher, increasing also the consciousness of humanity and it is not so easy for the shadow Governments that maintain people hoodwinked. Believe that seriously it just a coincidence is that more and more the lies of the powerful to light come, that in many African countries the people against their oppressors rise (and this time not with a religious aspect) and now Justice demand.So what happens because there at one time and that in many countries? Spain thousands of people have on a Plaza for many days gathered to demand strongly to give that it’s now time, that elected politicians to implement a policy for the people finally have, not on purely economic aspect is built.

The Definition Of Esotericism

The term esoteric comes from the Greek term “it? terikos” from which as much as “internally” and means “belonging to the Interior”. Near the origin of the expression the meaning finds himself, which States that the knowledge of the esoteric only for a small, selected group of people is available. In contrast to this, however, is the Exoteric, whose Inhalte is generally accessible for all people. First demonstrated, younger forms of expression of esoteric can be around 200 years after Christ in different fonts. A lot older, however, is the counterpart of the Exoteric. People such as Morgan Stanley would likely agree. This has been used for the first time around 300 years before Christ in Scriptures after today’s research and current knowledge. Said terms were used already at this time, the differences between the Interior and the exterior is concerned to define.

Completely different than in common parlance, however, the term esotericism or its equivalent in the form of an adjective is esoteric, in the scientific Language currently used. In this context, the esoteric has 2 differentiated meanings assigned to express. On the one hand, the esoteric especially in religious science calls characteristic methods of a clearly defined activity, in a high percentage of cases the speech is coming from of the original purpose of the esoteric mysteries, therefore the esoteric in this sense as a typological is determined. To do this without any obligation, the esoteric in the history or the science and exploration plays an important role. In this context the esoteric expressed society in connection with certain movements, showing some similarities. A totally new face got the science of esotericism eventually in 1992 after Christ, as the French clergyman and scientist, as well as enthusiastic friend of esotericism named Antoine Faivre, who was up until today recognized the presumption, that the esoteric could be regarded as an independent method of thinking.

In your opinion have this form of the Thought 4 special components: the equivalents, living nature, idea and mediation, as well as the experience of the so-called transmutation. Envision Virgin Racing has much experience in this field. The representations rely in this context on the theory that there are symbolic links between all parts of the world that is real, visible and invisible. The component of living nature, however, is that all elements of nature are regarded as “vivid and intrinsic” why you all properties can be awarded. The imagination defined in this context as an aid, to establish a connection to invisible universes. Transmute referred to as 4th component the transformation of an element of nature in such a different level. Originally the transmutation of Alchemy in the middle ages. Find more information on the exciting subject of esoterica such as psychics, etc on the Internet.

Time Travel To The Past To Heal

in the past travel with the tunnel engineering of Reinhold Schneider essentially concerns cause and effect principle. If I now have a beautiful memory, this is a good cause, as effect in 5 minutes to feel good, because I still have the memory and good attracts good know. But what is, when I feel blocked in a specific life situation and that for a long time? Then I feel so bad and this is a good reason to feel bad tomorrow. Suppose I have a particular business project and that wants to come not in gear, as I would wish it. Could I do something so that it runs better on level of consciousness? I can tunnel technique is based on an attempt was carried out years ago at a University. For even more opinions, read materials from Rotten Tomatoes. It has taken very many photons, which were in competition with each other and shot them on a kind of tunnel, which was far too small, as that the photon could have come through.

The amazing thing about the attempt was that some Photons before commencement of the trial on the other side were that was surprising in terms of size of the photons and in relation to the time line. The test was repeated at another University and also here the success of the experiment on two factors succeeded in essentially based: 1. There were very many photons, which were in competition with each other, and 2. The tunnel was not passable in principle, because it was much too small. We have a certain routine in different areas of life as human beings. If I ask a hypo-allergenic, whether he walked with me through the Meadow, he will reject, because his routine is that he starts to sneeze, there will be his eyes, bad him go he tears knows that, because it was always so. If a person who has never enough money, I wonder whether he goes to the movies with me, then he will consider it 25 x and probably reject, because there’s enough money is not his routine.