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Chinese Cars

China only recently came to our home market, but interest in it already unprecedented. Cars, though not striking in their magnificence, but the price of their 'kills outright. " Willy-nilly trying to figure out how these machines behave in track? Honestly, I've wondered this purpose, and that's what we found out. Chinese cars and take at least readily, carried away by the price, but then are not happy. The most interesting thing in these cars is that they have been virtually no feedback, so we do not know how they behave on the road, what to use …

The reason for this is that cars have only recently come to our market and we are Russian, is wary of this 'brand new'. The first and still most significant negative Chinese cars – is that they are very inconvenient for the driver, which is very positive reduces the lowest price. Location handbrake from the passenger's side speaks for itself. In general, when you sit in car, you feel real diskofort all is somehow inconvenient (in the distance, then by something). The second important disadvantage is that the production of these vehicles is not regulated, that is, errors, omissions and faults are eliminated simply on the go. All this looks like this: factory defect found, and the production immediately corrected quickly rebuild a spare … and it happens every time. Buy Chinese car, after a brief stop off at the ride station, where they tell you that require such a spare, you're going to dealership, and then it turns out that the production has changed and such details are no longer produced! Yes, the picture emerges, quite frankly, not very.


Russian 3D stand for measuring and adjusting the wheel alignment the car is already on sale! The cost from 428 000! Company 'TEHNOKAR' has developed and marketed its first home stand to adjust the angles the wheels with machine vision-based 3D technology! Until that time, none of the Russian companies would not let anything like that! And then, finally appeared on the market a worthy alternative to foreign 3D stands. Stands TehnoVektor 7 contain the vision system (3D), the system consists of four video cameras placed in an enclosure, installed in front of the car, as well as flat targets with a gradient pattern, which are attached on wheels. High Definition provides a fast and reliable 'seizure' of targets and high-speed transfer of images to a PC via TCP / IP. Software and software in-house development, lets based on images obtained with high accuracy the position of the target in space. Using three-dimensional modeling technologies (3D) provides high accuracy measurement results. Special firmware allows the camera with a high speed process and transmit images to a computer.

Tehnokar company develops and manufactures equipment for service centers since 1997. Issued instruments for measuring wheel alignment (similarity collapse) stands similarity with the collapse of the cord connection with the 1997 collapse of the stands of similarity with an infrared connection to 2005, stands similarity with the collapse of the machine vision system with 3D technology since 2009. TehnoVektor 7 provides a measure of the basic parameters of the wheels: front and rear axle camber wheels angles offset wheels angle symmetry osey.summarny and individual toe angles, for the front axle (Steering wheel): the angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation of the wheels and the angle of inclination of the transverse axis of rotation of the wheel.